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  1. Hi, apparently the trash notebook in my windows and my android is different. in my windows there are 3 notes while in my android there are 18 notes. it looks like my android and my windows is not sync, how to solve this issue? my windows sync works just fine, everytime I update my evernote in windows it shows in evernote web. but my android evernote wont sync, how to solve this issue?
  2. Halo, I have trouble syncing my Evernote in android. It wont sync. I have checked by logging into evernote web. my updated data from my android is not showing, but if I sync my evernote in windows it works just fine. But I use my Android all the time so I need my Android to be sync, otherwise why I need to use evernote if the sync failed. in FAQ page it suggest: Empty your 'Trash' notebook - Sometimes a note in your 'Trash' notebook will cause sync problems. In this case, emptying the 'Trash' may resolve the sync issues. There is no way to restore notes once they have been emptied from 'Trash'.Uninstall/Reinstall Evernote - Before uninstalling Evernote, ensure that all your notes are synced and visible in Evernote Web. You may also wish to backup or save a copy of your notes. How to uninstall and reinstall Evernote on your device.I am going to try emptying my Tras.h Notebook in my android as evernote suggest.How to do it? since I didn't find the option to do it in Trash Notebook. But The main issue is the syncing matter. Could anyone help me with this matter.? I Have attached my Account and device info and also my log for refference. Best regards,
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