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  1. @Dietrich, the fix is in v7.1 coming out most likely sometime in April.
  2. Evernote for Mac 7.0

    Thanks for your feedback. Evernote 7.0 is a major update for those with a business subscription. We'll be rolling out more interesting stuff in the coming months for all subscription types. Stay tuned!
  3. Evernote for Mac 7.0

    Can you send me your logs? Also, what does the last instance of "uncachedSize" show in your log? Normally that means the amount that still needs to be synced down.
  4. @stefb12Sorry it's taken so long to fix this. Just wanted top let everyone know that this issue has recently been fixed by one of our developers and should be released in an upcoming software update. Thanks,
  5. Evernote for Mac 6.14 Beta 2

    Thanks for reporting this. I'm filing a bug for it now.
  6. Evernote for Mac 6.14 Beta 1

    Thank you everyone for your comments and feedback. Please keep the constructive feedback coming. I apologize that some of you are having some update, crash and login issues. I confess that this release was a little bumpy and apologize for it. The green button is part of a redesign that we're exploring, and it's taking place of the old school "new note" button previously located in the toolbar. Yes, some may say it's pointless because you can create a new note with keyboard command (like I myself do), but many of our users prefer using the UI for this. Nevertheless I'm submitting this feedback to product in your behalf. For those who are running into a login loop, try going to ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote and deleting the "version" file. Launch Evernote agaiin and let me know if that works. For those who are experiencing crash on startup, feel free to submit your crash to us and DM me. I'll look in our crash repository to try and help you out with a resolution. Again, if you wish to leave the beta program and go back to the public release, you can follow the steps in this article. As much as we love you helping us out, we also understand that you may need to move on to get your work done. I appreciate all of your comments and constructive feedback - please keep them coming and happy holidays!
  7. Evernote for Mac 6.13.3 GA

    Try going to ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote and deleting the "version" file. Does it allow you to login now?
  8. Evernote for Mac 6.14 Beta 1

    Hey there! This one is on our radar and we're working on a fix soon. Thanks for bringing it up.
  9. Evernote for Mac 6.14 Beta 1

    Hey folks, thanks for updating to the new beta. I understand that some of you are running into a crash loop on launch. We're addressing this and will release a revised beta client in the next 24 hours. Stay tuned. If you wish to leave the beta and go back to the public version in the meantime, please refer to this article: Apologies for the crash and thank you for all the amazing feedback.
  10. 6.13.2 Beta 1 - Crashes

    If your Evernote app is crashing, please submit your crash via Evernote's pop up window after relaunching the application. This will ensure the crash is symbolicated and will help us trace the problem. Thanks.
  11. Evernote for Mac 6.13.2 Beta 1

    Welcome to the forums! Can you DM me your activity logs ?
  12. Evernote for Mac 6.13.2 Beta 1

    Can you clarify the issue a little more or perhaps send steps to reproduce?
  13. Evernote for Mac 6.13.2 Beta 1

    Thanks for the repro steps. I've reopened this ticket with engineering to take another look.
  14. Evernote for Mac 6.13.1 GA

    Hey there, This is a bug in the text editor that we're working on a fix right now. It's normally created when clipping youtube URLs with the web clipper. As a workaround to fix it, hover over any column, select the triangle and select "match note width".