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  1. @Dan Wilson Hey Dan, We're aware of this issue and the impact it has on our users. Personally it affects my workflow too. We hope to get this fix out as soon as possible, but right now no ETA.
  2. @DTLow @macfixer If you want to create a Local Notebook, hold OPTION down on your keyboard before clicking on file in your Menu Bar. The option will show then.
  3. Hi nicolml, please let me know what to do with this, my mac book pro actually doesn´t run the evernote app, there´s a pop up saying: You can´t use this version of the application "Evernote" with tis version of OS X. You have X 10.9.5. The application requires OS X 10.10 or later. My mac tech suggests me not to upgrade my mac OS system, so I wonder haw to download a previous Evernote App? I´ll appreciate your advice!


    1. nicolml


      Hi there,

      Sorry it took so long for me to get to you. I never check private messages in the forum. As a best practice, next time post to a thread or open a support ticket with us here at Evernote by going to

      The last version that supports 10.9.5 is 6.7. You can download it here:

      If your hardware can handle newer software, I would also recommend to update your OS, but do it cautiously because it may slow down your computer an give you other issues. 

      Remember you can always use Evernote Web if your operating system is too old.


  4. Support won't be able to answer your question because this is geared more towards development and why such decisions are put in place. Please post your question in the Evernote developer forum.
  5. Thanks for the reply about the link issue. Much appreciated.

  6. @wb Thanks for bringing up the link issue. We're currently aware of it and working on a fix.
  7. Hi there, It's by design to double click on an image and have Evernote go to Presentation Mode. In the current version of our text editor, checkboxes are technically images, therefore when double clicked on, Presentation Mode opens. I'll go ahead and file a report to change this in the future. Thank you.
  8. @DTLow Checking that preference will allow Evernote to show you a notification alert before a Calendar event in case you want to take notes for this event.
  9. @Endemite What you're seeing is another issue we're tracking, and slightly different from "shortcuts" and "Recent Notes" reappearing after launching the app again. Just wanted to chime in and let you all know we're aware of it and working on a resolution.
  10. Hey Folks, Sorry for the delay in responding. Here are the release notes for Evernote 6.7 Beta 1 Fixed: Fixed an issue that was preventing users from being able to accurately crop high DPI images. Addressed a couple issues to enhance the accuracy of business card scans via ScanSnap scanners. Ongoing improvements to stability and sync performance.
  11. Howdy, I thought I'd try and send you a message directly because I saw that you were helping someone else out with their crashing issues.  I'm up to date with Evernote, I'm on a mac running 10.8.5, which I haven't updated because I've been making an album for a while and didn't want to update the OS and risk my sessions getting messed up.  Anyhow, I haven't been able to use Evernote on my desktop for quite a long time now, I've been checking the forums and following instructions that've worked for others but can't figure it out!  All of my album notes are in Evernote and I've been working around the issue using the web and iOS versions but it's a hassle because I need to be able to drag audio files directly from iTunes into Evernote and listen to them directly, which I'm unable to do on the web and iOS versions. Any help you can offer would be hugely appreciated!


    Billy Campion

  12. Yes. You can also check to see if all your content is synced by logging into Evernote Web.
  13. In this case you can update Evernote by downloading a new version from our website here, and simply replace the older version with the newer one within your Applications folder. If you downloaded Evernote from the Mac App Store, restart your Mac to fully quit Evernote and go to Mac App Store > Updates.
  14. I would recommend updating Evernote to the latest version since it includes hang and crash fixes. Please let me know if the issue persists afterwards.
  15. Hello @magentawave1 Is Evernote hanging but staying open, or is it crashing after being launched?