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  1. Thanks, I reproduced this and filed a ticket with engineering.
  2. Hey there, Can you elaborate on the troubles you're having so we can help you out?
  3. Hi there, For the folks who were on 7.3 Beta 2 and were asked to upgrade to 7.2.3 and are now seeing the "version too old" issue. First things first, we're really sorry this happened. We're working on a fix for it. As I mentioned earlier, we did a hot fix that caused this issue for our beta community. Aside from my first suggestion for fixing, you can also take another less destructive approach to get back on the beta. Open Finder. Go to Go > Go to Folder Paste ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/ and press Go Delete the "version" file Re-download and install Evernote for Mac 7.3 beta 2 from this link. Our sincere apologies.
  4. Hi, This crash isn't symbolicated. Can you submit the crash to us via the app? After the crash, restart Evernote and you will receive a screen asking to enter your name and email and your observations. Please use this method to send us the crash and I'll look it up on our end. If you use a different email address used in the forum, please DM me the email address you used. Thank you!
  5. Hey folks we did a hotfix for Evernote last night with version 7.2.3. You'll be promoted to install it if you're on 7.3 Beta 2, but I'd suggest not installing it as it will give you a "version too old" message. We're pushing out an update to the beta version so none is prompted with this. If you do install 7.2.3 and run into this error, a clean install of Evernote will fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience at this time.
  6. Hey there! thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback. I can reproduce this issue as well and will file a bug with our developers for a fix. I'll also pass along your feedback around formatting options for the note list. Thanks again!
  7. Hey there, Thanks for reporting this. I also reproduced it in our internal build and filed a ticket with our developers.
  8. Thanks for reporting this! I filed a bug with the devs for a fix.
  9. This is a known bug with the upsync of your stacks. Can you try force syncing your client to see if it helps? Hold down OPTION + SHIFT and press the sync wheel on your toolbar. Did you submit your crash to us? I'd like to take a look.
  10. Hey! Thanks for reporting. This is a known bug that we're looking into fixing soon. Rebuilding the app's database tends to fix it and may be a viable solution if your database is small, and if you don't have local notebooks. cc: @Infor
  11. Thanks for bringing that up. We already have a bug filed for that and we're working on a fix!
  12. I looked in our crash repository and don't see any crashes submitted from your email. Can you crash Evernote and submit the crash to us through the pop up window you receive after relaunching Evernote? DM me if you use a different email than the one you use for this forum thread. Regards,
  13. This was found last minute and we didn't have time to put the fix in this release, but the fix is coming.
  14. Thanks! Did some research and the clipper team already has a bug filed for this. Thanks!
  15. Awesome. Thanks for letting me know. I'll relay this info to our developers.
  16. @Mic@Evern If you have offline notebooks, then we can use a local backup of yours to try recovering them. I'm opening a support ticket for you.
  17. That's great to hear, and thanks for conforming. Do you know if the issue stopped occurring when you tuned off auto correct or auto quotes? or both?
  18. Hi @esilnorak, Out of curiosity,: Are you using a french keyboard? Do you have a auto correct and smart quotes enabled in macOS ? Check System Preferences > Keyboard > Text and verify if "Correct Spelling Automatically" and "smart quotes and dashes" are turned on. If it is, turn it off and try reproducing the issue.
  19. @ScottHarvey Can you DM me your crashlogs, or submit it directly to Evernote when prompted? If the latter, let me know which email you used to submit the crash to us via DM. Thanks,
  20. @DTLow Sorry you experienced dataloss here. Are you able to DM me your activity logs and the date you noticed the issue occurring? Were you able to recover the files via Note History?
  21. Hey y'all, Emphasis on optional here. You don't have to turn it on if you don't want to, but it's been a popular feature request for a while. If you're like me and have to have control over everything, then leave the box unchecked .
  22. Hey there, Sorry you're running into this issue. This is an Apple bug reported here. Please update your OSX to 10.11.6, and the issue should be resolved.
  23. Most likely within the first week of May, but no promises. It really depends in a number of factors from implementing fixes, features and getting QA sign off. In the other hand we really want to get this update in your hands because you are all great in reporting back to us, so we're doing our best to have this ready asap. Thanks!
  24. @Dietrich Unfortunately this fix didn't make it into 7.1, but it's being worked on and should be on a later release. **Correction** This issue is fixed on 7.1. Pardon me as I got my Evernote Helper bugs mixed up. I just tried this on Evernote for Mac 7.1 and it's working as expected. Did you try updating?
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