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  1. @Palladion @thhh As Chantal mentioned, we are shipping this beta early with some known issues: Although we love our beta testers and the feedback they have, please know that you're not obligated to use this version if it's not working for you. If you need to regress Evernote to version 6.11.1, follow these steps below. **Export unsynced notes and/or local notebooks (if you have any):** 1. Select all unsynced notes, or each local notebook, then right-click and select **Export Notes…** 2. Choose 'Evernote XML Format (.enex)' next to Format, then **Save** the file to your desktop * Detailed instructions at https://help.evernote.com/hc/articles/209005557 **Move your existing Evernote database:** 1. Open Evernote for Mac 2. Select **Evernote > About Evernote** 3. Press and hold the **Option** key and select **Open database folder** (keep this folder open) 4. Select **Evernote > Quit Evernote** from the menu bar 5. Move the numbered folder from the database folder to your computer's desktop * If you have more than one numbered folder, move each one 6. Open Evernote and log in to your Evernote account Evernote will download all of your synced notes from the servers and create a new database on your computer. You can then import any exported notes by selecting **File > Import Notes** from the menu bar. Once you finish syncing down your notes, you may delete the 6.12 Beta 1 database from your desktop.
  2. Hey @Kremik, Thanks for bringing that up. We have a bug open for this and it's currently being investigated. Thanks for reporting!
  3. We're currently aware of this issue. There have been some changes to macOS in relation to how PDF files are handled, and this is what is causing the issue with saving PDFs back into Evernote. There's some good information in this link: http://tidbits.com/article/16966 We're monitoring this issue along with changes to macOS to ensure we can restore this functionality.
  4. Hi there. This is fixed in the next Beta. Thanks for pointing it out.
  5. Thanks for reporting this. We have a ticket filed to investigate it.
  6. That's by design. Restoring a note from Note History will not restore the tag.
  7. @NDimmick Hi there, This is by design. In the most recent version of Evernote for Mac you can only encrypt text. You cannot encrypt text + other objects. The reason behind it is to increase stability to encrypted content across all platforms we support. Thanks,
  8. @Fors Thanks for bringing this up. We're aware of this issue and we're looking to fix this as soon as possible. Keep in mind this issue is isolated to the Mac. Seeing your tables in Evernote Web or any other client should display it as expected.
  9. @w.vela Can you submit your crash to us and open a support ticket? https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  10. @VictorB Can you open a support ticket with us at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action ?
  11. @EdH Thanks for bringing that issue up. We filed a bug with Apple about this. "29008752 NSTokenField on 10.12.1 incorrectly tokenizes with hyphen character." We're waiting on the fix so we can make the necessary fixes on our end.
  12. @Dan Wilson Hey Dan, We're aware of this issue and the impact it has on our users. Personally it affects my workflow too. We hope to get this fix out as soon as possible, but right now no ETA.
  13. @DTLow @macfixer If you want to create a Local Notebook, hold OPTION down on your keyboard before clicking on file in your Menu Bar. The option will show then.
  14. Support won't be able to answer your question because this is geared more towards development and why such decisions are put in place. Please post your question in the Evernote developer forum.
  15. @wb Thanks for bringing up the link issue. We're currently aware of it and working on a fix.
  16. Hi there, It's by design to double click on an image and have Evernote go to Presentation Mode. In the current version of our text editor, checkboxes are technically images, therefore when double clicked on, Presentation Mode opens. I'll go ahead and file a report to change this in the future. Thank you.
  17. @DTLow Checking that preference will allow Evernote to show you a notification alert before a Calendar event in case you want to take notes for this event.
  18. @Endemite What you're seeing is another issue we're tracking, and slightly different from "shortcuts" and "Recent Notes" reappearing after launching the app again. Just wanted to chime in and let you all know we're aware of it and working on a resolution.
  19. Hey Folks, Sorry for the delay in responding. Here are the release notes for Evernote 6.7 Beta 1 Fixed: Fixed an issue that was preventing users from being able to accurately crop high DPI images. Addressed a couple issues to enhance the accuracy of business card scans via ScanSnap scanners. Ongoing improvements to stability and sync performance.
  20. Yes. You can also check to see if all your content is synced by logging into Evernote Web.
  21. In this case you can update Evernote by downloading a new version from our website here, and simply replace the older version with the newer one within your Applications folder. If you downloaded Evernote from the Mac App Store, restart your Mac to fully quit Evernote and go to Mac App Store > Updates.
  22. I would recommend updating Evernote to the latest version since it includes hang and crash fixes. Please let me know if the issue persists afterwards.
  23. Hello @magentawave1 Is Evernote hanging but staying open, or is it crashing after being launched?
  24. Hey folks, Our next version of Evernote for Android will be having some text editor enhancements and fixes. I tested the URL on the new version and cannot reproduce the issue @twandawg85 reported. Stay tuned in the upcoming days for an Evernote update in the Google Play store. Thanks,
  25. Hello @rbianchi 6.6.1 was a relatively small update, but here's what we fixed: Fixed an issue that was sometimes preventing the Evernote Helper from auto-launching on OS X Mavericks (version 10.9). Fixed an issue that was causing the switcher input field to only partially display the search text when users inputted Japanese text. Fixed an issue that was preventing some users from seeing the new switcher feature. Fixed an issue so that users can once again enter presentation mode after multi-selecting notes. Fixed an issue that was preventing some users from upgrading to Plus or Premium accounts through the Mac App Store. Fixed several issues that were causing crashes.
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