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  1. Still waiting for pdf import... Something so basic but not implemented, it is really a shame. That's why most people (me included) are using Notability or Goodnotes (and of course other useful features which I doubt that Evernote will be implementing in the near future)...
  2. I also like this idea, since I can only use evernote web on the university's computer. +1
  3. Yes I would like to annotate in penultimate because the app notability which I use don't have a sync and exporting is kind a stupid, if I want to update my PDFs file. If not a better handwriting experience with palm rejection with the Apple Pencil would be great, but that's an another matter.
  4. Yes that would be awesome! In general for active stylus based tablets. Or the ability to scroll with one finger and write with the stylus. Those accidentally made strokes which comes from 2 finger scrolling are really annoying and avoid me from using any handwritten options in Evernote.
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