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  1. Any progress on the nested tags for iOS. It has been in beta for about 6 months. The Evernote app is basically useless to me on IOS until they are able to get nested tags. I was hoping to get the beta version. I have applied about 4-5 times to be an iOS beta tester. I don’t mind taking the risk since I can’t use the app on iOS anyway.
  2. Any idea where to find those instructions? Thanks!
  3. I allowed Evernote to install the 7.7 beta. It kept locking up when I would print a note. So I uninstalled the software and reinstalled the 7.7 that was not beta. Now, the message displayed is "your local evernote data is being managed by a newer version of Evernote. Please use the latest version." What can I do so I will be able to print my notes?
  4. I'm not so sure of their dedication to the desktop apps either. Their latest desktop update consisted of an updated logo and a new mission statement. The last iOS update was similar. They "improved" the looks of the app by making you have to dig through a ton of menus to find the function you need and added no new capability. It's the old "lipstick on a pig" approach. The only time I ever use EN on iOS is if I know the name of the note. Otherwise, with over 7000 notes, it is impossible to find it.
  5. This happens to me frequently as well. I can add a little more context. I will expand 2-3 levels of tags to recall the name of a tag. I will then tag the current note with the same tag. At that very moment it closes all my tags. This was happening about 4 updates ago. A release fixed it. Then with the latest updated, it started happening again. **UPDATE** Here is a video of what is happening. Nested tags in iOS please!!! Evernote Glitch.mp4
  6. It could be a tiny tag icon. When you tap it a window could drop down to reveal tags with a search field to add additional tags. This would be very handy.
  7. Time to put the money where the mouth is. I will be downgrading from premium to free. The only 2 devices where I can find my tags are my desktop and in a limited way my iPad. So, there is no point in paying $70 a year for premium when I am only getting use out of my desktop. EN team: With 4,700 notes and 400 + tags, it is nearly impossible to remember the specific tag name I placed files under. Even when you search, there are tons of results to sort through. It is simply easier to drill down through topical tags to find a specific note. IF you add nested tags to IOS, I will renew my subs
  8. I believe if I am paying someone to provide a service, I do have a place to call for certain features. Capitalism will win in the end. As was said earlier, the second another note taking app introduces nested tags on a cross platform basis, people will begin jumping ship. EN can make its choices. However, in the end their stock holders and/or bottom line may suffer as a result. I am also glad to see that you agree their latest "major update" made no significant productivity improvements. It was only a new skin on the same product.
  9. The reality is they came out with a "major update" that made no significant productivity improvements. Since it may not be a "simple tweak", they probably should have had this feature as part of their last release.
  10. I do not really want to re-name over 850 tags. The updates to the newest EN were light on function and heavy on cosmetics. I like a nice looking interface. But, I would rather be able to do my work on my iPad Pro w/o having to spend many hours re-naming all of my tags. I only have 6 parents tags at the top level. As I drill down, there are no more than 6 sub-tags under each subsequent parent tag. This can be made to look neat. Just imagine a tiny tag icon. When you click on it, instead of seeing a list of 850+ tags, you only see 6 parent tags. AS you click on the parent tags, you only see the
  11. I can't believe they didn't add nested tags in their "major update". I am very dependent on being able to drill down into my tag structure to get my work done. I have over 800 tags. I couldn't possibly remember how I named every one of them to be able to do a search. I would very much like to grab my iPad Pro and head upstairs and do my work in my recliner. However, since I am only able to drill down into my tag structures, I am stuck down the basement working on my desktop Mac. Please, please, please add nested tagging to EN IOS!
  12. You have been very helpful. I know this is off-topic. However, I have created an automator script that I can use to copy local file links and paste them into Evernote. However, it leaves off "file://" off from the front of the copied link. Before I re-installed my OS, I had an automator script that would copy the link in a clickable state. However, since the re-install I haven't been able to find the instructions to set it up again. Do you know of a script or a thread where that process is outlined? Thanks!
  13. I searched for AppleScript on my Mac and opened a new script editor. I pasted the code above and hit the play button and a dialogue popped up with the number of tags. Great! Thanks.
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