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  1. Looks like my account been extended by 6 months. Thank you!
  2. Thanks Ticket# 1331853 If somebody form admin could please take a look and either arrange a refund, the extra 6 months, or downgrade to Plus and refund the difference. I'd already been considering terminating and this offer was wgat made me re-sign
  3. No ticket number - I sent a quey via my account and also sent an email to billing and subscriptions. It did not indicate new accounts....and funnily enough why did I get 3 emails offering this in the week that my subscription was du to expire. Not happy with this so please can you direct me how to get a refund? Appalling customer comms - why has it took 2 days for a response and only whn posted on here?
  4. I've been a premium member for a year and got an email offering me 18 months for a 12 month subscription if I signed up before a certain time. I did this but got charged full amount and then did not get the 6 months added. Sent an email, logged a support email through my account but 2 days later.....NOTHING!! Not happy. Anybody else had similar experience??
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