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  1. I understand your concern but I like the tap to edit, this should be configurable.
  2. Yeah it works, thanks. My crappy old screen just don't show any difference between white and light gray... But i dit edit the value in the bat file and I can see the difference now That's really great, and don't seems to complicate to implement... Evernote, if you hear us...
  3. The keyboards shortcuts are great for me, but you could use Libreoffice's one for dashes : two - (and a space) for a – and three (and a space) for a —. *** Are good for a line, or 4 or more hyphen (-) Another one that is really useful is -> to → (very useful for note-taking !), but there are plenty of others (for roman numbers in small caps, exponent...). (and an option to deactivate them ?) But it's a great addition, continue on this way, improving the note editor (the core of Evernote) both for real text formatting and quick and easy (productive) note-taking !
  4. It works for the workspace, not so sure about the note background. You have to run it as administrator. The string may have changed ? Thanks !
  5. The image resizing feature is great, thanks. I was wondering, could you add a theme support for the app, or even juste some minor background color changes to differenciate the elements of the screen (like the darker left panel on the mac os app). It would be more functionnal, more agreable and less tiring for the eyes (pure white background everywhere all the day is terrible).
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