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  1. Nope. I am only using Evernote on my android tablet. This is happening in the note generated and edited 100% within the android app. It also happens on my LG Android phone. I can select text that is formatted with bullets if I don't open the note, but I lose the bullets when I paste it. Very frustrating. I don't *think* it happened when I first started using EN on the first Galaxy Tab...or I probably would not have begun using it...although it is only lately that I have been really using EN for research and such, so I may have missed it. This problem may actually be a deal breaker for me. It is WAY too time consuming to have to piecemeal edit...especially within the same version.
  2. I don't know if this is a bug, user error or something else... When I have an open note in EN, if I have used any bullet points or formatting I can only select (& copy) by small sections, piece by piece instead of the whole note or larger sections. When I try to select text to copy, it 'stops' when I get to anything with formatting & I can't select the paragraph before or after at the same time. I have to select each section seperately: It only allows me to select say: The non- 'formatted' text before the bullets/list/etc --then separately-- The section that I have bullets in --then separately-- The next paragraph (which may or may not have bullets). I can copy the whole note if I am viewing but not editing. This is making it really hard to move data around in my note, or copy pieces of the note to add to another document. I am on Galaxy Tab 4 with android 5.0.2. Thanks -Imajenn
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