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  1. This problem has not been resolved. Many Android users have combined storage where the SD card is used as internal storage and this problem still occurs on these phones. Also the original poster's problem was not resolved. He had to move Evetnote back to his internal storage. This is not a solution. You should allow all Android users to move Evernote to their SD card. This seems like it could be a simple fix as it's just a case of the icon being deleted from the home screen.
  2. They have an iPhone bias. This feature has been on there for years.... but yeah this makes it look like the iPhone team don't talk to the Android team much.
  3. WWSD (what would Steve do)? If Evernote was an Apple product Steve Jobs would never have let this implementation pass. It's just dumb. Yes I am focusing on the empty half of the glass here. This search within note feature should have been part of the first ever release of Evernote... and now they give us this half baked implementation. Does the iPhone version of search within note (which I believe was baked in from the start) work the same way?
  4. The update has finally been pushed through to me and I've found the feature has only been half-way implemented. After all this why haven't you integrated the search within note feature with the general note search!?! Here's the workflow required to use the new feature if I'm looking for a note, any note, that contains some text, "searchtext": Open the All Notes search Enter searchhtext All notes with searchtext are returned Open one of the notes from the search results Select "Search in note" from menu in top right RE-ENTER searchtext to locate text within note Why are we having to re-enter the text we just searched for? Why not just automatically open "Search in note" and take me to the first occurrence of searchtext in whatever note I open from the search results in step 3? Grrr. ... I know, first world problems... but hey if you're working on this anyway why not implement it in a way that makes sense?
  5. Hi Matt, Did you have anything to do with finally getting this through? If so thank you. My head banging can now cease.
  6. People have been crying out for this gob-smackingly obvious feature since 2012. Is 4 years a long enough lead time do you think? Looks like they are finally about to release this feature.
  7. What this still hasn't been looked at? Obvious, obvious, obvious feature that should be there. Evernote apps for other platforms have it. Why not Android?! Note to Evernote staff... the reason you're not seeing thousands of people crying out for this feature is because people can work around not having it, albeit with a little frustration, or a lot depending on how long the note is that they are searching for text in. Why should millions of Android users have to put up with this when the app on all other platforms don't cause this frustration?
  8. Hi Karen FINALLY!! Karen if you read through all of the posts in the thread you will find many answers to all of your questions... but the simple answer is "the iPhone app has this feature so why doesn't the Android app?". Yes I know Apple users are a different breed of human (some geneticists suggest they are a different species altogether and I'm guessing that's why your iPhone team can't communicate with your Android team because not even the geniuses at Google have been able to figure out a translator) but I just can't see them having different requirements and use cases than Android users. Thanks, Rai.
  9. Another request for search within a note. I'm as frustrated about this as everyone else on this thread. It's such an obvious feature. They have been ignoring these requests for years. Maybe people need to threaten to switch to a competitor like Onenote.
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