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  1. It worked! The notebooks are back. For future reference: trying to delete and restore the entire "Q79WDW8YH9..." folder didn't work. I just copy-pasted and replaced the files, following the rest of the above mentioned instructions. Thanks for the attention.
  2. Yes. Everything inside "Users" folder. Is it possible to use these files to restore the notebooks? Best,
  3. Good day. I trusted my most sensitive information to Saferoom encryption service. Saferoom creates two notebooks in Evernote: "encrypted" and "decrypted". I had to reinstall Evernote on my Mac (10.14.6) yesterday. For my dismay, after reopening Evernote both "enc/dec" notebooks were gone. I contacted Evernote support and they informed me that the notebooks were not in their servers and suggested me to track them manually. I have a backup of Evernote files (User files, Library, Application Support etc.) but now I don't know what to do to restore Saferoom's notebooks. It's a serious bug. What's the point of using Saferoom if the information is stored locally? What should I do to solve this problem? Thanks
  4. Good day. There's an annoying lack of a very basic function in Evernote for iOS. Whenever one tries to save a note from any sharing source, Evernote presents us the list of notebooks. Fact is: we have to scroll down almost randomly to find the desired notebook. The process is entirely manual and frustrating. In Mac OS, thought, there is a search bar to quickly find the desired notebook to save the clipping. When Evernote for iOS will incorporate the fundamental aforementioned function? Best, Fernando Gutz
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