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  1. Sorry ... shud have mentioned, this is for a Macbook Pro.
  2. How do you delete unwanted tags? For the life of me I cant figure this out. This simple task should not be that difficult. Thank you.
  3. I cant delete a note from Trash ... I delete the note repeatedly and it comes right back in two seconds. Oddly, this does not happen in Evernote Legacy, just in the regular program. (This is on a Mac) Thx.
  4. 10.76 .... using it on my macbook pro.
  5. Is there a setting to do a manual -- not automatic -- update? Thanks
  6. I can't get web clipper to work. When I click on the little elephant I'm asked to sign in, then a white screen comes up, ... and nothing happens. Is it something to do with "permissions" ... and if so, how do I grant them? It used to work, but now it doesn't. Im using Firefox 85 ... on a Mac laptop. Any thoughts? ... Thx.
  7. thanks ... what is legacy and how do you get it?
  8. I cant figure out how you sync ... On previous versions there were little circular arrows youd click on ... now theyre gone. can anyone help? boy i'm fed up with this new version of evernote.
  9. Search doesnt seem to be working ...When I create a new note ... close it, and then try to search for it, it doesnt not find it ... finds only previous notes with similar words. Why is this this? I wish I could just go back to use a previous version of Evernote
  10. thanks. its encryption has synced now. i was just too impatient.
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