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  1. See video. Photo was added by taking the picture within the note. The picture shows in the note preview, but not upon opening the note. Checking on the mac desktop app, the picture is not seen in the preview or the note. RPReplay_Final1591666015.MP4
  2. Hey, I just noticed this as an issue yesterday. I just got it working again. I guess Evernote for web just got a redesign or something (the sidebar is black). I clicked on my name in the top-left corner and there was a button in the menu that says "Switch to older version of Evernote". Once I switched back, it started working again. For anyone coming across this post and wondering what the deal is, there are regular note links (starting with https://www.evernote.com/shard/...) and classic note links (evernote:///view/...). I have a Mac at home and I use the Evernote app. I use
  3. I was wondering about that. Is it going to happen every time? I had a lot of cleaning up to do after I realized it was no longer clipping to my default notebook and was just choosing at random.
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