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  1. It would be great to make the spell-checker auto-correct the spelling of each word only once. Currently, as I type a valid word that the spell-checker does not recognize, it gets corrected. I often intuitively hit a few Backspace keys and re-type it the way I want and the spell-checker changes it again. Yes, before it auto-corrects, it provides the suggestion in a little drop-down. However, we often do not notice it. Moreover, we use the backspace key so often that it is easier to retype a few letters than hit escape. The latest example that prompted me to write this was typing a company name Hibu. It was auto-corrected to Hobo, I instinctively backspaced and typed Hibu again only to have it auto-corrected back. If I delete and re-type, this should indicate that I no longer want to auto-correct that word. Thanks
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