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  1. Thanks, does wunderlist allow the mass unchecking of boxes in one command from their mobile app?
  2. I don't only want checklists. I want the user interface of Evernote with the benefit of a simple checklist option. This feature is not difficult to implement. I would stay with Evernote if they offered it, but this feature is very important to me and I need to use it, so I had to go elsewhere to get this feature. As a result I found it just more convenient to use ColorNote for most of the things I used to use Evernote for. The bottom line is Evernote needs to step it up and add this very easy, basic feature that many people want. If colornote can do it with their much more basic interface, Eve
  3. I use colornote for grocery lists now and anything where I need boxes checked and unchecked since Evernote refuses to add this necessary feature to mobile. Colornote isn't perfect but it works for simple checklists. I basically replaced Evernote with colornote as a result.
  4. I just use my notepad app for this and most things since Evernote doesn't offer this basic feature.
  5. Is there a way to uncheck all boxes in a list, from the phone app? For example a grocery list is made, you check all the boxes that you have gotten all the groceries you wanted, then you want to uncheck all the boxes at once so you can reuse this list. Thanks.
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