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  1. I've made a similar request here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/90504-move-cursor-to-found-text-after-searching-within-a-note/ Unfortunately, I missed this thread when searching the forums. Well technically, I didn't miss it: this page gave an (apparently temporary) error when I first found it. Here is one reason why the current behaviour can be considered a bug: the highlighting in yellow (all matches) and orange ('current' match) only makes sense when you can directly go to the location of the 'current' match using the keyboard (e.g. with Escape). EN highlights all occurances of the found text in light yellow, but highlights the one 'you are at' in dark orange. But this orange-highlight is meaningless in the current implementation: there is nothing that you can do with the orange match, or with its location. You have to manually move and click the mouse, which you could do just as well without the orange highlight. The only current use of the dark orange would be to indicate when the search is about to move down the page upon the next Enter-press. But in the current implementation it would make more sense to always move the page down when pressing Enter; that would be much faster and more convenient. BTW: problem persists in the latest public release, EDIT with workaround (not a new post because I'm a new user and can make only 5 posts). The highlighting in dark orange gave me an idea: simply click on that specific color with autohotkey: https://gist.github.com/hugobuddel/5bd0b6b5b477502721e6 The script seems to work well enough for me. But beware, perhaps it has some unanticipated problems because I'm a new autohotkey user. ; Script to properly exit the search-in-note functionality in Evernote; through the Escape key. The script ensures that the cursor is moved; to the start of the currently selected match. See; ahk_class ENMainFrame ; Evernote Escape:: ; Search for the dark orange highlight of the current search match. PixelSearch, theX, theY, 0, 0, 4000, 4000, 0xff9632, 2, Fast RGB ; Click there. Click %theX% %theY% return#IfWinActive
  2. Apparently I'm having problems searching within the forums as well! There already is an identical suggestion: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/89131-exit-search-mode-normally-maintaining-cursor-location/ Perhaps searching within notes has changed with Evernote 5.9? I'm fairly new to Evernote, so I'm not sure I've used earlier versions.
  3. Is it possible to automatically move the cursor the location of the found text after searching within a note? That is, so that editing resumes at the found text without having to use the mouse. I prefer to use the keyboard over using the mouse. The following seems to be my modus operandi to edit text: Decide to change something in a document that is already open (e.g. in an Evernote note, text file).Alt-tab into the program holding the document (e.g. Evernote, notepad).Hit Ctrl-F to open a search box.Type in part of to-be-changed text.Hit Enter until the right part of the document has been found.Hit Escape to close the search box.Start editing the text.This works fine in most programs, e.g. Notepad, Firefox, but not in Evernote 5.9 for Windows. In Evernote the cursor stays at the location it was when the search is initiated. So instead of hitting Escape, I have to reach for the mouse and click on the found text. Apparently I follow the above procedure so much that using Evernote for Windows is very frustrating. So any help would be appreciated. For now I'll stick with the web version of Evernote whenever possible.
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