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  1. Bummer. Well thank you very much for your help, I'll try to find some kind of work around. And dream about full boolean search someday. Thanks
  2. I tried that too, but then it returned every single note I have saved in evernote, all 4000+. Just for comparison a search of -tag:facebook-ph -tag:facebook-eco -tag:facebook returns around 2000 notes. So somehow the any on them both is grabbing everything, which doesn't really make since to me. I also tried adding () to try grouping the different parts of the search but it had no affect.
  3. That worked. But now I am going to make it a bit more complicated. I am also wanting to exclude notes with certain tags. So I put it in like this -tag:facebook-ph -tag:facebook-eco -tag:facebook any: updated:day-7 created:day-7 Which isn't working right. It returns 4 notes instead of the 70-80 it should be showing. The idea is that I want to see all my notes from this last week that aren't any of the social media posts I have IFTTT automatically archiving into evernote. Is there a way to make this work, or maybe another approach I should be taking? Thanks for the help!
  4. I attempted to create a saved search that looks like this: updated:day-7 Which should pull up all the notes I have modified or created in the last week. The issue I have run into is that any note created with the web clipper don't have the Updated field populated so that are not returned in my search. I tired: updated:day-7 or created:day-7 but that returned even fewer notes. Am I missing something or if there is some magic I need to apply? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jonathan
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