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  1. At the risk of "Necro"'ing this thread a bit, I hope to bump it a little bit. After reading through the entire thread, I can see the arguments on both sides, and I, for one, appreciate your openness to correction, Dev's. I thought I might throw my 2 cents in as well, for whatever it is worth, for what I am specifically looking for that brought me to this thread. As mentioned already by a few users, I just wanted to reiterate a few things 1. While I don't expect ya'll to copy anything or reproduce something like Google Drive, I do appreciate the sharing-flow that Drive has. Sharing a document through Google Docs allows multiple users to not only simultaneously view the document, but to simultaneously make edits. I'm sure this requires an infrastructure on a level that I can't understand simply, but I love that functionality. For instance, I am in a position within the practice I work for, where I am one of two members sharing a Back-office/COO type role. We are working on implementing a shared project list that we'd both have access to, could edit, etc. It would be nice to be able to both have it open, and making edits at or near the same time. As it is right now, EN is essentially useless to us in this capacity as either only one of us can be editing the note at a time (i.e. if I'm looking at it through my phone app while she has it open on her computer), or, if both utilizing the desktop client, we run into several note-change-conflicts, which can be quite frustrating when you both may be making several changes and may have the note open throughout the day. (We ran into a note-conflict 4 times just in the first hour of trying to get it set up and collaborating.) 2. It would be nice to be able to have notes that are shared with me have the ability to be put into my own notebooks or systems of organization, retain their 'shared'-ness but also share functionality that other notes in that notebook would do. (I.e. if I have my note list set to organize by last-modified-date, then that note would automatically pop to the top of the notebook if I (of anyone sharing it) made an edit to it.) I don't hate WorkChat, but I also don't love it, and at this point, it's not extremely useful to me for any reason. For shared notes to reside there exclusively, as well, is just not a comfortable UI flow either. For my partner (who is a little bit less tech-savvy), I had to create the note and copy it over on her end, and then share it with myself from her EN, so that I would be the one that had to navigate the WorkChat functionality. It is kind of obnoxious to have to exit the rest of my Evernote functionality's UI to WorkChat, and open that chat to then open that note, in an entirely separate window in and of itself. Ideally, shared notes would have a separate shared-functionality, but would be able to be maintained within the normal note/notebook UI. 3. Even if you could get the near simultaneous/instantaneous editing functionality mentioned in #1, I could see that being very difficult to achieve through the desktop client. I don't know if there could be some options added to have the auto-syncing function to be enabled (maybe for Shared notes only perhaps) on a 10- or 30-second sync, rather than the current minimum of 5 minutes. Perhaps only on shared notes, and maybe only while you had those notes actually open to edit. 4. Given all of that as well, it would be nice for there to be some extra under-the-hood functionality that helped limit some of the note-change-conflicts mentioned in #2. Even at a 30-second syncing rate, if collaborates are simultaneously making edits, then you will be constantly getting hit with conflicting changes. Perhaps there is a way for the client to be able to interpret shared notes, specifically, and maybe add conflicting changes on the current note at the bottom or something. i.e. for it to be able to recognize that 80% of the note is unchanged between the two conflicting versions, but there have been 15 lines of text added on my client's end and 10 lines of separate text added on my coworker's end, for Evernote to add all of that at their respective locations in the note, possibly with some sort of UI that alerted the user of the changes/conflicts, either in a highlighting fashion, or at least in some un-intrusive UI/notification within the text of the note where the changes are. (I'm thinking something like the 'comment' system in Microsoft Word or something. I hope that those make sense (and I really hope they are achievable)! At this point, the only thing that Google Drive has for me over Evernote, really, is the collaboration functionality. I use it so I don't have to purchase Word or Excel, and I use it for cloud-storage of files/receipts/important doc's, etc, but I use Evernote for everything else. (i.e. I use drive when I have to, but Evernote all daa-ey, E'ery Daaa-ey!) Would love to be able to use Evernote for this functionality.
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