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  1. Hi, I'm using the web client since I'm a linux (Xubuntu 12.04) user. I've realized that when I leave a note opened in a tab, sometime I get several notes saved or duplicated, I did not took the time to verify if they were different/older versions of the same note. I've just erased them and kept the most rencent. I would like to ask you if you have some strategy to avoid this. Is really anoying to erase 20something notes. For your consideration: Multiple browser tabs were open with the note being edited : Surely! there is no other way to workYour Mac or Windows Evernote client was open with the note being edited: linux user here, no evernote standalone client available, saddly.Other people were looking at the note the same time you did because it was shared: No shared notes. Just me, and my client in my phone, but I did not had the app opened.You lost internet connection while editing: Possibly, I usually work from a proxy connection that sometimes disconnects and reconnects all by it self, sometimes I do have to do the reconnection "manually", kind of lame, but it is something I can not control. I just need to learn to live with that reality.What browser are you using?: Mozilla Firefox.Hope you can give some light over my situation. Thank you very much!
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