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  1. The new app is seriously terrible. I absolutely do not want to use an app which doesn't have local sync. They've taken out all the power-user capabilities and essentially given us a simplenote. I'm already looking at alternatives, but it's kinda bleak. OneNote seems like the best choice as it syncs locally as well at to the cloud. As soon as I re-organize my data so that it's friendly to the non-tag system (i really like this, and it's going to be painful), I'm jumping ship.
  2. Uh yeah Evernote, but no. I've downloaded the old client and will most likely be massaging my data so that its easily exportable and usable in something else - perhaps One Note. If I wanted to use the web client, I can just log in with a browser. I don't need a browser wrapped in a crippled application.
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