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  1. Dear Evernote! I love your service, and am actively promoting it to acquaintances. However, there are two backup-related features I am missing. If you fix these, my Evernote experience would increase significantly. Situation: In becoming a heavy user of Evernote, I am more and more dependent on the safety and security of all my files stored in the service. If I, or other users of shared notebooks, accidentally delete files, I do not want to risk losing them forever. Therefore, I now export my notebooks manually once a week. Still, this kind of backup is cumbersome, and at the mercy of human memory of remembering to do it. Furthermore, all backed up notes from many different notebooks are all squeezed into one backup notebook, making my Evernote backup files messy and unorganized. I therefore have two suggestions for you, which I hope you will consider. Suggestions: 1. Adding an integrated scheduled / automated backup option that would automatically take backup of all, or selected, notebooks daily or weekly. 2. Allowing users to export Evernote notebooks in an organized manner that includes one's initial Evernote structure, i.e. keeping one's distinguished notebooks, with accompanying notes, in the Evernote backup file. Would you consider these suggestions? Best regards, a passionate Evernote user from Norway. Ps! With regards to scheduled backup, I tried third-party app "Evernote Exporter" (http://evernoteexporter.codeplex.com/releases/view/79142), but could not make this work. A solution to suggestion 1 could be similar to this.
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