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  1. I agree that this is a problem in the new Evernote version for Mac: I remember that there was an issue with copying and pasting formatted text in earlier versions of Evernote 6.x for Mac. This problem was fixed at one point, but has now gotten un-fixed.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, now I see that a number of others have raised this issue and gotten some response. (Not specifically to the horizontal rule, but I assume that that would be addressed along with the auto-lists that others mention.)
  3. More generally: I would request that there be an option to disable all of the recently-added text replacements - including the horizontal rules, emoticons, etc. I can understand that some people would like these, but personally this is rarely what I want.
  4. In the latest Evernote Mac version (6.2), strings of '---', '===' and '***' are turned into horizontal rules. I find this often isn't what I want: I use strings of these characters (especially dashes) frequently in my notes, to visually delimit sections that aren't quite as separate as what I delimit using horizontal rules. Given that it's already easy to add a horizontal rule with a keyboard shortcut (cmd-shift-H), it seems unnecessary to have Evernote turn these characters into Horizontal Rules for you. At the very least, could you provide an option to disable this automatic conversion?
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