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  1. Still happening. (sigh). Windows-specifically.... (308626) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)
  2. coming in late here... but I find F6 > Tab the better move. They need to add a CTRL+something for this tho
  3. Please DO IT. At the very least offer a few options relevant to the feature, i.e. HIGHLIGHTING. Like a nice highlighter style yellow, blue, green, etc. I'm not trying to pee stain my words!
  4. Now if you'll just add format painter I can attribute some common sense to the development team.
  5. Why don't you please add in a 'format painter', like all other rich-text applications have. Why do you keep ignoring such a basic feature that happens to be extremely beneficial and time-saving when organizing note structure(s). Your users have been screaming about this and it's a no brainer! Really dumb.
  6. Ridiculous stupid 'new feature'... new pain-in-the-ass. Yet we are still waiting for format painter, now I can hardly walk and my beard is long, then I heard about an exciting new feature but alas, it fell far short of the mark. Evernote has, once again, the last laugh.
  7. Absolutely mind-boggling that this feature is not already in there. How do you support all common formatting options found in standard word formatting applications and not this. If you're going to support anything outside of 'plain text' abilities, (i.e. fonts, colors, bolds, bullets, etc), then the support of format painter is a very obvious inclusion. Virtually every other rich text application I use has this—even google docs has it! It happens to be very useful in that I don't have to point-and-click countless times all over my note highlighting various text and then applying the same exact formatting in a very tedious and frustrating manner. No brainer, really.
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