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  1. Back here to beg for this again. A toggle and a conditional would patch it up for now. I'll add the toggle button myself and put an if check on the pinch gesture myself if you let me! :-p I understand why you did it. When I used to work with "bad" pens and non-pro iPad, zoom was essential to write anything small. We just lived with the bad palm rejection ( I sometimes used a glove), but now that there is a proper pencil, pro users really don't need zoom.
  2. I'm adding my voice here too. I contacted support and although got a reply right away, I haven't seem any mention about this getting fixed. The original version with apple pencil support was PERFECT!! They then added zoom and ruined it. It's so bad I can't get more than two lines in without triggering a zoom, and with the pencil making other note taking apps better, I'm actively looking to switch away from Evernote. All I ask is for a toggle to turn the zoom gesture off. I happily have been paying for premium just to support the team ( I don't need the features or bandwidth ) but I will probab
  3. Hello, I was so happy with the sketching handwriting module on Evernote. Using it with iPad pro and pencil was perfection. The last updated added zoom. This was either badly implemented or something because now it's unusable. I can't write more than one line before my canvas moves unexpectedly. The easy fix? Allow us to turn this off. iPad pro and pencil don't really need zoom as we have enough precision. Of course, zoom is always a nice feature, but not when it renders the basic note taking unusable. In the meantime, I've been forced to abandon Evernote for my handwriting.
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