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  1. Yes absolutely! Cannot believe this feature is gone. In fact, this one (among other frustrating changes) is causing to me to consider switching to One Note.
  2. I've been just forwarding the email that I want to paste from into Evernote...and then cut/paste from there.
  3. I have the same issue. I've just been forwarding the emails into Evernote and then cutting and pasting then. That works but adds an extra step.
  4. UGH. Pretty angry right now... Opened a note on my Mac and spent 2 hours making many changes. The note WAS syncing periodically. Closed Evernote. Opened the note on my iPhone and it was the original note (without edits). Went back to my Mac where the original edits were made and opened the note there. Literally, as I was sitting there, all of my changes/edits disappeared and my note reverted back to the original. I checked conflicts folder and there is nothing. This cannot happen... Can someone help me get my changes back?
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