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  1. In my opinion evernote and devonthink are not really meant to do the same thing although devonthink employees stated in a mail that evernote is their competitor. In my experience Evernote is better in terms of clipping thing from the web and ocr on images (handwritten ones) Devonthink is better because you can index things and also it is possible to open them in any application you want (no property format and no export needed). Let's say that you have a big pdf library on an external hard drive, in evernote you would be forced to import everything and take your hd space away; in devonthink you can index them and even if your external hd is unplugged you can search a document to see if it is there. I don't understand what you meant about the indexing not preserving folder structure; I indexed an external hard drive and all the folders where kept in devonthink exactly as they where in the hd. A good thing is that you can import all evernote notes in devonthink (or choose a specific notebook) and they keep tags and notebook structure, it would be fantastic if it was possible to index them (and you can indeed but it is a clunky process) I think that the key is what you need to do with the software, what are you exactly searching for? A fantastic software that I tried is Curio. But really it depends on what are you going to use it for.
  2. I'm trying to set up a similar workflow too, I like how evernote quickly capture things from webpages and I love the way it turns handwritten scans to searchable text; I strongly prefer devonthink for organizing things, searching and creating contents. The main problems about their interaction in my opinion are: indexing evernote notes doesn't work well, you can index the evernote folder in your library but you will loose all notes name (replaced with some AE2234JBDJKFL kind of name) and loose tags and organization you may already have in your evernote notes. You can import them in devonthink anyway and this is working fine, it will import tags and keep a different group for every evernote notebook. You will loose the possibility to search handwritten notes by the way. I wrote to devonthink developers and they told me that indexing evernote notes is quite complicated because evernote often changes his library structure. About the possibility of importing also images with searchable text (the ocr that evernote does on images) they can work on it, maybe in a future release. There is still the problem that having to import notes to preserve tags and organization you will find yourself with twice of the disk space taken by each note because you'll have the evernote library and devonthink imported notes mirrored. So, I think the interaction is not completely bad (Ok importing notes and tags) but needs improvement (no searchable text in images imported, indexing not working very well). By the way devonthink developers told me that evernote is their competitor, so they are not really trying to make people keep using it; I answered them that I use both the services and in my opinion they are different and I use them in different ways. I really hope interaction between them will be enhanced in the future. I can't help you about the devonthink standard edition, i use devonthink office pro, the main difference I think is that standard edition won't scan and OCR. Surely there are other differences but I don't remember exactly about them.
  3. Yes I think that evernote does a good job, i'm not even sure that a software which allows accurate cursive handwriting OCR, actually exists.. maybe it will come. By the way evernote really does the the job in a good way if the handwriting is done accurately. I tried importing evernote notes in devonthink through "<Import<evernote notes" and in this way the images aren't searchable anymore (it seems that data are lost in the importing process or that devonthink isn't capable of read them). I'll try with html export as you were suggesting. I wrote to devonthink support to ask if they know something about it anyway, I'll post what they tell me, in case someone else is interested in this cross platform possibility too. I think that with ocr images datas communicating well between the two softwares and if there was a possibility to index evernote notes instead of having to import them; using the two software together would be really great
  4. Hi Zxaos, I did try to use devonthink OCR (Abbyy) for handwritten images, but it's not only cursive (In my experience evernote can't recognize cursive either) but I saw that it is not working with capital letters neither. It's working great with typewritten text but I think it's not really supposed to catch handwriting. Evernote does a fine job with capital handritten words and that can be useful because in documents written in cursive I can write some words (in capital letters) that work like a tagging system. If only there was a way to transfer this infos to devonthink it would be awesome. I looked at some other software, but I couldn't find anything that really convinced me about handwriting OCR
  5. Hi Zxaos, I own the pro office version, but it allows to OCR only "typewrite" texts, not handwritten ones.
  6. Hi, I just wanted to ask a question about the integration of devonthink and evernote. I use both of them, devonthink is a way to organize and search across different sources (imported items, indexed folders and even evernote notes). I use evernote for clipping thins from the browser and for scanning things. This is really the key feature for me because evernote allows to search through handwritten documents and make them searchable (even if it is not completely accurate, it allows to find some key words). This is a feature that devonthink doesn't have, I would like to know if you can suggest me a way to keep handwritten evernote notes that I import in devonthink searchable, that would be a killer feature for me. I saw that some of the people who were writing posts were quite experts about the two platforms so I was wondering if they maybe found a solution for this issue. Simone
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