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  1. It only changes fonts, text size and styles but links are not converted to plain text actually (Android app). For me it's a problem because I usually copy and paste formatted text from differents webs into Evernote for Android but I've to wait until I come back home so I've to edit again all the whole notes I've created or updated during the day in Evernote Desktop... In my opinion these is a no productivity way of wasting me time. I've two Pro accounts and I can't understand why Evernote doesn't fix it. Sometimes I've read histories about Pro users who have lost hundreds of notes so I'm scared about one day I recieve a message from Evernote saying: "Dear customer, I apologize to inforn that our severs have bien attacked, or we've had a bug in the last update and tiene are thousands of notes which have been lost. Have you considered the option that Evernote automatically backups all de data from an account in a company like Dropbox? I'm happy with Evernote and I doesn"t want to migrate to the app from another company. But you should listen what clients are asking to yoiu and their real needs. Another setting I like in Evernote Desktop but itsn't in Android app: why can't we change notes creation date? Exanple: I create all invoices from the whole week on Sunday but every invoice has the date when I work with my client, so this is another function I've to do 2 times: the first one on my mobile, but I have to change the creation date in Evernote Desktop. 1. Rich text copied from Wikipedia and pasted in Evernote. 2. After apply "simplify format" text looks different but links are still there. If you apply "simplify format" one more time nothing happens.
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