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  1. Lost functionality in 6.2 with El Capitan: Dragging note windows from fullscreen Evernote into other spaces. I've had a system in place for the last year where I keep EN in fullscreen mode in its own space right next to my desktop. When I create a new note, I don't edit it in the main app window, I double click it so it makes its own window and then I drag it over to my desktop so that I can see my reference material. El capitan made that even easier, allowing me to use split view, where my note was in the left third of my screen and my browser was in the rest. However, with version 6.2, I can no longer drag the note out of the fullscreen evernote and onto my desktop. It seems the note window has to stay in the same place with the rest of the app. I've contacted support and it seems it's a design issue. There is a workaround -- instead of using full screen mode, I have to just create another desktop and put evernote in it. It works but for the visible menu bar at the top which is hidden in fullscreen mode. I'd just prefer not to have to use a workaround for a feature that I've come to rely on.
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