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  1. For the love of all things organized, please let us duplcate notebook names. I have... Work Stack > Notes > Projects > To Dos Personal Stack > Personal Notes > Personal Projects > Personal To Dos The problem with this is that shortcuts get cut off and, being dyslexic and not wanting too many words to skim through, I use 'personal' to produce a unique notebook name but as a pre-fix so I can ignore it. Can you just wrap the notbook UI with whatever we call it and on the back end identify it as <stack>:<notebook> or something? Obviously you can keep the restriction of unique stack names but we're using those as groupings and notebooks as subgroupings. Let subgroups have unique names please!
  2. I'd love to be able to have presets normal text, Title, Subtitle, Header 1, etc etc the way that Google Docs does. I rely, heavily, on visual hierarchy when it comes to text content. As such I'm big on using Various sizes of text. It's a pain to constantly hit enter > change text size > change font weight. Would love this feature. Would be EVEN better if I could tag my note with a link to my Google Drive that would then create the document (in a folder you'd set up when creating the tag) and have two way sync. This way I can keep documentation in ONE place (since I'd rather have some stuff private).
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