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  1. Is Evernote in focus in that screenshot? Mine is set to the system color (dark gray in my case) when in focus, but changes to white when it isn't.
  2. I'm surprised that there's only one topic about this. Really wish there was an option to bypass the built in browser. Yes, you can tap on the Safari icon to open it, but this is problematic with certain URLs, such as verification links which may throw an error since the link was already opened in the embedded browser. The only good alternative in this case is to copy the URL, manually open Safari, then paste it. Can we submit feature requests somewhere?
  3. No one said that the issue was resolved in 6.11. The only way to "resolve" this issue is to downgrade to 6.7.5:
  4. Glad I found this thread, this has been driving me nuts for the past few weeks. Thought it was my computer. Reverted to 6.7.5 and all is well again. Ya'll gonna fix this?
  5. 5 months later and the issue is still occurring. Yay. The worst part of this is that when it started happening, I was using the free plan and, even though images failed to show up in Evernote, they'd still count against my monthly storage quota.
  6. Ticket # is 1341125 But based on the article I posted above (and an old e-mail I stumbled upon), Skitch is being dropped so I take it that's why no one has received a response.
  7. Oh heck: http://techcrunch.com/2015/12/17/rip-skitch/ Guess this won't ever be fixed.
  8. Has anyone heard back regarding their tickets? I got a response back in December and submitted the the logs they requested, but I have yet to hear any updates.
  9. This is what I've been doing as well. It's interesting that the image shows up in Evernote after saving any changes you made to it, but it won't save if you upload directly to it. The lack of a response is to this issue is sad.
  10. I use Skitch and Evernote daily across multiple devices. I started seeing this issue on iOS devices on 11/3. Sometimes images will upload, but most of the time they will not. Android devices are unaffected. What's going on?
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