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  1. If I uninstall the application on my phone, will the notes and chat history still be available when I reinstall the account? I've recently access the web app so it has all my data.
  2. Hello. I seem to be unable to chat from the phone application. I can open up the existing chats that I was using just yesterday, however the application is not letting me type anything -- if I push any letter keys the application simply doesn't register or display the letters, and 'send' is gray/white and can't be pushed at all. I've confirmed it isn't a keyboard or local issue -- keyboard works fine with all other applications, and evernote application worked fine yesterday, but this morning it downloaded an update and that seems to the cause of the issue. I tried closing the application which did not do anything. I tried restarting my device, which did not do anything. Edit: I am able to chat from the web interface on my desktop -- and the new chat messages show up on my phone. FYI. Smiles
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