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  1. kgg, sorry no the message you referred to was not in spam. thanks, Steve
  2. kgg, the email that was sent has no tracking number for the ticket. Do you want me to respond to that email? re: this forum message reads: stevendidier, You have just received a reply to a topic that you have subscribed to titled "Upgrade to Premium via iTunes Not Working". The topic can be found here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/28551-upgrade-to-premium-via-itunes-not-working/?view=getnewpost ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Steven, Sorry to see you are having trouble accessing the ticket submission page. I went ahead and opened a ticket for you which you should see in your email. Please reply to that message and we can take a closer look at your case.
  3. I would love to know where to submit a support ticket! All of the links you all mention in your signatures just bring me back to the so called support page with no option to actually create a ticket much less attache a receipt! I'm with all of the other respondents here and am wondering if I made a huge mistake--this after being a plus member for some time.
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