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  1. All I can say is, OUTSTANDING job Evernote! It is great to be able to use my stylus within the app now! I know it was just implemented, but I would really like a better writing utensil selection i.e. pencil, pen, marker, etc. I would really like to also see options for paper types, finishes, and colors like the Bamboo Paper offers. Just wanted to add what I would like to see implemented in the upcoming versions. Thanks again for listening to your users!! Cheers, Jared
  2. There is quite a few people in my company that use this app for tasks, scheduling, and taking notes. I was made aware of this app and am willing to switch over to this app if ONLY they could bring over handwriting. This is a must for me as I have been taking notes on my iPad for quite some time. Please bring us an update Evernote! Cheers, Jared
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