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  1. Thanks DTLow! I didn’t realize they added that (it’s been a couple of months since I last checked). Quick question: when I “get name of current account” I receive the same result regardless of which account is active, so I’m not sure how to distinguish the two accounts. I set up Business years ago, so my Business and Personal are together under one login account.
  2. I understand the motivation for splitting the Personal and Business experiences in Evernote, but the current compromised approach isn't working. None of my Applescripts for importing and organizing content work properly anymore because the "wrong" account is often open and Evernote does not currently provide a way to define the account in Applescripts. Using Personal and Business content at the same time is impossible/extremely difficult. Growth and innovation in Business are handcuffed by limitations in Personal (the new Spaces are a small step in Business-specific innovation, but much more is needed). Etc. I have 6000 Personal notes and run an academic research laboratory entirely through Evernote Business (>5000 notes in our first 4 years). The current compromised approach to splitting Personal and Business just isn't working. Please rip the band-aid off and go with a full split between Personal and Business!
  3. I'm a heavy user of Hazel and AppleScript to automate filing of PDFs into particular notebooks with tags. The new beta is causing major problems for me when the Business account is active, but the AppleScript is trying to add the PDF to a personal notebook. Are there AppleScript commands to change accounts or specify the account and notebook for note creation? Write now I'm using system events to apply the ⌃⌘1 shortcut for my personal account, but it is hit or (mostly) miss for me because this script runs in the background while I'm using the computer so the shortcut is often applied to the active app I'm using rather than Evernote. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  4. If anyone installed Evernote 8.0 for iOS today, you'll see that a hard separation between Business and Personal is the new standard for Evernote. Evernote web has been separate for a while. Now Evernote for iOS is completely separate. I'm sure that Android and all Desktop clients will soon follow. I was passionately opposed to the change in Evernote 6.11, but I can now see that it isn't open for discussion. That is the approach Evernote is taking across all platforms and they have their motivations for doing it. We would be best served by making constructive suggestions that minimize disruptions to our workflows or allow new workflows to maintain our productivity. One suggestion from me would be making the switch faster and easier. The shortcuts aren't easy to remember or find with my fingers and the UI switch is slow and harsh. Ideally, switching could be easily made using the ⌘J shortcut. In 6.10 I constantly used ⌘J>Business Notes or ⌘J>Personal Notes to quickly switch between different accounts. I would love to get that option back to switch between accounts. Also, the abrupt closing and reopening of the entire Evernote window could be smoother. That's my 2¢.
  5. @Leo Gong thanks so much for this candid and in depth response! It really helps us see the bigger picture from Evernote's perspective and provides context that helps us give feedback that is actually helpful. Hopefully, the team will be able to address some of our broken workflows while maintaining the vision for separating personal and business, which I can relate to. I run my own research lab so I'm the "owner" of my small Evernote business. I'm not sure that the separation will actually help my team keep their business stuff out of personal notebooks, but it is worth a shot. Thanks again for the explanation.
  6. I'm really not seeing the value of these two "features." As Stacey said the forced separation of personal and business accounts really slows down and limits productivity. I would much rather see the personal/business separation as optional, rather than forced. If you really want to focus on just Business, ⌘J > Business Notes was a much faster and easier switch than the new 6.11 beta method. Also I don't see the purpose of tabs, when the second tab is really just a duplication of the standard Evernote window. Perhaps if you could have Personal in one tab and Business in another tab, that might be useful, but I'm not really seeing the value of tabs. Sorry to be so negative. I'm just confused about why these where priorities. So many improvements in function should be priorities over these edge-case features. Like fixing the long-title cutoff:
  7. Found another iOS workaround: Log into Evernote.com in Safari. A message will appear to use the iOS app because mobile web browsers aren't supported. Use the share sheet to request the desktop site. The page will reload showing the desktop version of Evernote.com. Select the note you want to add files too. In the note menu bar there is a paper clip icon for adding an attachment. Select it and a new page will open. Select "Choose File." The iOS file picker will appear with options for Dropbox, iCloud Drive, etc. Navigate to and select the file of interest. Repeat for additional files. Click "Attach Files." The files should then be added to the end of the note and viewable as usual on any device. This works for me. Hope it helps.
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