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  1. I am looking for some advice and feedback... One of my big problems is that I forget when I commit to doing something for someone. I forget to write it down when I make the commitment and it doesn't even make my to-do list. Until I do the dreaded head-slap and say "I forgot, but yes I will get you that report, thanks for reminding me." So, two of us GTD disciples started a little project to create automated Evernote to-do lists from our email. It simply track the commitments we make as we send email to colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc. So far, we are training the system to pick out our commitments and create an Evernote to-do item. Is there already something out there that would do this for us? Is closing open loops a problem that needs an automated solution? We are not sure if anyone but us would find this useful. Any guidance would be appreciated. Lindsay.
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