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  1. This feature was probably requested already. If so, please add this to the tally. To prevent ad-trackers and other attempts to invade my privacy, I am one who frequently deletes my web history on Safari. Unfortunately, this action also appears to eliminate the web clipper authentication cookie/token, requiring me to re-authenticate nearly every time I go to use Evernote Web Clipper. With two-factor authentication enabled (which requires an additional data entry step) this quickly becomes very tiresome! The most valued feature you could add is integration with the desktop client authentication state (including second factor), versus maintaining state in the browser. Next to web clipper on my Safari toolbar, I have the 1Password extension. This Safari component is smart enough to know the authentication state of the desktop application, and does not prompt me for a password unless application preference setting thresholds for password state have been exceeded. If Evernote Web Clipper behaved similarly, that would be a very welcome feature indeed!
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