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  1. Add my voice the choir of very frustrated, very unhappy Web Clipper users. Every time it seems like I've gotten through the worst of the pop-ups, they return with a vengeance and the nagging starts all over again. It is not helpful. This is not "cluing me in" to a new, undiscovered feature. I use this feature regularly. I know how it works. I know it has special features on specific sites. Stop telling me the same things over and over again in the most intrusive manner possible! I really do like the Evernote suite of products. They're great. But I agree with previous posters: this is getting out of control. Evernote has become like a virtual kudzu vine, growing into places where you'd rather it didn't. Toning down Web Clipper would be an excellent start, but the initial responses to the first poster on this thread suggest that, for some unfathomable reason, Evernote is both tone deaf to its customer feedback and blind to how far other note-taking applications have advanced. Have you seen the new Notes application in El Capitan? It has features Evernote lacks, like the ability to spontaneously add free-form sketches without opening a second application. THAT is useful. Nagware is not. My subscription is due to renew in February. If I see three more pop-ups in that time, I'm cancelling my subscription and exporting my notes to Notability, Apple Notes or (gods help me) OneNote. I've had enough. I'm a paying customer, and you're treating me like some freemium mooch. Bad idea. Evernote simply isn't innovating fast enough to merit that kind of behavior, and your product certainly doesn't surpass others by a sufficient margin to feel so comfortable about your market position. Tick tock. Fix it or lose my money. You aren't cheap, either, so I won't shed too many tears if you remain complacent. I could pay for two or three cloud services for the price of yours.
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