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  1. +1 Happened to me as well.. This would be a great feature.. I just realised this idea was posted 7 years ago!. Still not included? Pretty disappointing..
  2. Ok Yes, you are right, the format is correct in Thumbnail view, but the font is so small I can't read it and also there is no note Title like in the card view. I wonder what the thinking was for Evernote to have a Card View and a Thumbnail view..
  3. Hi, Does anyone know how to get Evernote to interpret a Carriage Return/Line Feed from a note when in Card View.. eg. A note has the following checkboxes: [ ] Task 1 [ ] Task 2 [ ] Task 3 When I set to Card View I get the attached. It just concatenates everything.. I cant see the benefit of using Card view apart from seeing a graphic of any picture in the note. Is there something I'm missing here or anyone have a workaround? Even if it does not show the checkboxes but just has the tasks under one another.. Thanks
  4. Hate the bold font on my top list view. Not sure what the thinking was when there are more important items people are waiting on with note titles like custom sort order and indenting note titles. Almost looks like unread emails you see in Outlook with that bold font.
  5. I Just add ! to the Note title then Sort on Title.. eg. !This Weeks Meeting Notes
  6. Yes would be good if this was implemented and not have to do workarounds for this..
  7. ok... so here is the Screenshot from Evernote Web: and the same note in En Windows Beta...
  8. I found a bug that I'm surprised no one appears to have pointed out yet.. When I have focus on a tag and click to create a new note, I type the title of the note and then close the note, I will end up with 2 notes. (one with my title and another empty note). This does not happen when you have focus on a Notebook instead of a Tag.. BTW. I have option "Create New Note in a new Window" ticked on. Otherwise, pretty happy with the changes in this BETA...
  9. I don't mind the Table enhancements. I was not really waiting or expecting these changes but I do like what I see and can see me using them in the future. But I have found a problem with a 3rd party app that I use called "SMS to Evernote". Since I upgrading to Beta, the SMS messages in Evernote are unreadable although I can see them perfectly in Evernote Web...I guess the Android App developer uses some sort of tables in the upload to Evernote.. Not Sure...
  10. Love the darker sidebar. Well done! Great to be getting consistent releases with enhancements and fixes...
  11. Ok, I take this back. This is now working for me. I think this was some issue with my PC..Rebooted and all is ok..
  12. Something weird in this update to the beta. I'm no longer able to drag a note from one notebook into another notebook. I was able to do this in the first release of the Beta.. I can move a note to another Notebook via the Dropdown. Just can't drag it..
  13. Looks pretty good but disappointed 2 of my requests did not make it. ie. Ability to add the Reminder as a column in List View mode and no "Free flow" sort where I can click and drag notes in the order I like. I know the Reminder as a Column has been requested before and I'm surprised that could not make it in this build.. I'm also trying to "Add another User", but get "Could not connect to the service. Please check your Internet Connection or try again later"
  14. Hi Stephane, Thanks for your post. I would love to be a beta tester and filled out the form, so lets see. I have recently been frustrated by the perceived lack of progress and I guess lack of news on the v6 beta. I had actually made the decision to move to One Note. Looks great, Colours, and can move the pages where I want. The first notebooks imported fine into OneNote but not my big one with 1500 notes.. spent 2 days trying to get them imported meanwhile got intermittent crash's, sluggish performance and syncs that ran all night without finishing. I then found that Microsoft released a new Evernote to Onenote import program which I installed on my PC. It ran for about 2 minutes then gave me a message saying an error occurred, "Try Copy and Paste the notes manually". Well that did it for me. 48 hours of my life that I wont get back.. So, I'm back with Evernote, grey colours, and one or two irritations, but a fast, solid and reliable service that has rarely let me done in 5 years that I have been using it...My birthday is coming up in May, so maybe I can get an early birthday present; V6 beta access. :-)
  15. I agree. I have been checking most days on this topic too see if Stephane would post again to answer some questions posted to him but nothing. I don't understand why make the original introduction if you are not going to go back on the forum at least once a fortnight to see what the users are saying.. It does seem like more resources have been pumped in to the Mac version. It is taking a long, long time to get this beta out.. Maybe I should buy a Mac?
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