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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm trying not to use more applications and I have been using bullets within the android app and until recently, it seemed to have changed. I looked into it more and found that there was a message at the top of the notes that I was editing that said something like "There's incompatible formatting in this note" which made it come up with this different way of editing notes by bringing up an edit window for just that line. I went thru the note and deleted much of what was in there and that seemed to make the bulleting work again for the android app. Not sure what the issue was but at least it seems to be working again.
  2. I've been using this product between my PC and android devices for a couple of years now. I used the outline formatting between the two platforms and it worked reasonably well. This latest version on my android devices does not let me go to an item in a bulleted list and brings up a window to edit either the previous or latter entry. This does not work and takes away all of the outlining versatility on an android device. Please put this feature back or give us a way to use outlining. It makes it virtually useless on an android device to make lists or outlines as I use very much.
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