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  1. It's called NixNote ise this link to install it: https://github.com/baumgarr/nixnote2 you can thank me later Oh, btw, it doesn't count as an added device for us with free account capped at 2 connected devices. nice bonus. plus dark theme support!!!
  2. hey dudes! first of all Thank you very much for your hard work! Love Evernote! But an annoying thing happened where the check boxes that should be aligned with it's associa ted text, the checkboxes are now on their seperate lines. This seems to have happened to several hundred notes... see the difference here: aand this not so good:
  3. I would also like a dark theme, for ALL platforms. the windows one is also very very bright. I have somewhat gotten around this on the web version with Stylish theme applied in firefox but that's a bit "hack'ish".
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