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  1. Some time ago I posted a link to a public note I created that has colored letters and numbers. I welcome anyone to copy into their own accounts. Not a perfect solution, but maybe better than nothing.
  2. I have been having sync issues on and off for the last two years. Mostly it's just the message "last sync failed", but the notes do appear to be there (mostly). It is pretty frustrating to see "failed" constantly though. Clearing app cache and/or reinstalling seems to fix sync issues as well, sometimes.
  3. Hi, I just subscribed to Infranodus a few minutes ago, based on this thread and the seemingly awesome quality of the product, but I also see (I think?) that the product could be used without a subscription? Is there not a "one-time purchase" option? As awesome as it is, I don't see the value being worth as much as the subscription would add up to. No offense of course, obviously different people and organizations have different cost-value ratios. Thanks.
  4. I'm a huge fan of the "tiny scanner" app. Very well designed and feature-rich (relatively). I don't have the pro version, but I will probably get it, now that I'm thinking about it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appxy.tinyscanner
  5. Tusk is a great Evenote client that works great on Linux (even though in the link it says for Windows). Has dark, black, and sepia color themes, as well as default green. https://www.thewindowsclub.com/tusk-is-a-free-evernote-client-for-windows
  6. Yeah it's been mostly working fine for me in Chrome and Vivaldi on my PC. Android not so much, at least in the sense that clips from Android aren't always successful, but intermittently are.
  7. Clipping on Android (both with my Pixel 2XL and my previous phone, a Nexus 6P) has always been very troublesome. Countless "clip failed" messages. Syncing is also a problem, although I'm not sure if they're related.
  8. I created a note that has colored text that anyone can copy/paste into their own notes if they would like. Obviously not as good as an internally-created solution, but some users might find it to be at least sufficient for the time being: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s299/sh/418d19a2-60b9-4aa9-b17d-4a377b7b5b56/11775171408a1e3e293ad61a3e285680 Edit: that link didn't seem to work, so one can find it at: https://echoreflection.postach.io/post/color-note-for-sharing-with-en-community
  9. Hi, I know it's not an ideal solution, but I created a note with colored text and published it on my Postach.io blog so that anyone can copy/paste colored text to use in their own notes. Admittedly it will be a pretty slow and laborious process, but maybe someone will find it worth it?: Colored text template note
  10. @jefito version 9.2.3.... Just now opted into the beta though, if that makes any difference. Update: uninstalled EN, reinstalled and dark mode is there! Yay! Good job Mr. Elephant.
  11. none for me yet, how frustrating. not sure why EN would release for some but not all...discrimination by randomness?
  12. is there much point in contributing to this thread? Clearly EN is aware this is a big issue, but I'm not sure any amount of comments on forums will expedite the arrival of error-free software updates. I've been frustrated for quite some time now, I've even somewhat started to think about exit/exportation strategies, (there's an app called "Turtle" that seems pretty good, and Google Keep has several appealing aspects. Obviously Evernote is super robust, that's pretty much keeping me from bailing ship. And apps like Filterize and Nixnote 2 also make staying in the EN ecosystem more bearable. But the syncing on Android thing is very irksome ?
  13. how to duplicate a note on Android 2018_04_08_duplicating_note_on_android.mp4
  14. seemingly the problem is that the original can't be deleted precisely because it is locked....
  15. I was feeling frustrated by EN's lack of support for colors for text in the app, so after checking around the forums for a bit, I realized I could just make my own note with colored text and share it as a way for anyone who wants to get some colored text into their notes to reap the rewards of my small effort. I realize it's not perfect yet, I just threw it together real quick. But theoretically one can go to my note on my my postach.io blog and copy some colored letters/numbers and use them on any platform. Cheers everyone.
  16. Update though, the fact that the duplicated notes' original copy is still "locked" and apparently can never be unlocked is exceedingly frustrating and lame. :[
  17. yes but I'm talking about getting out of EN in such a way that I would never need it again, not just exporting my notes so that I could be done for the day or the week or whatever. Google Keep is kinda meh. OneNote is by evil Microsoft...There's an app called "Turtl" that is a semi decent, free, multi-platform alternative, but it's not nearly as robust as EN. And at this time I don't think there's a way for me to export/import all my notes from EN to Turtl, so I guess I should just be patient with Evernote and try to maximize what I can get out of it for the time being.
  18. it's sadly hilarious that this is not possible with the EN Android app. TBH I am so entrenched in EN now, but there are little things like this that make me really wish there was an easy way to extricate myself. ☹️
  19. @DTLow yes, that does seem to be the process order we're looking at. Not positive, but I think Filterize can add some degree of "dynamicity" to the setup. I believe Filterize has some kinds of workflows that can be structured around tags. Maybe. The IFTT app can also be utilized in ways that work with Evernote that are or are similar to automation. I use the IFTT app and Evernote to use EN as an RSS reader.
  20. this is kind of a solution/workaround. It’s definitely a cool “hack” to achieve the desired effect, but depending upon the degree to which one wants to use this third party program, it is only free to a point. I use it (only the free version), but probably not to the extent that I should, if I wanted to maximize its value.
  21. I actually solved the problem by duplicating the note into another notebook. It seems a note can be "locked" in one notebook but not locked in another!
  22. I have been encountering this issue on occasion with notes that I've clipped on Android using the share-picker. Relatively rarely though. But still frustrating when it happens.
  23. I found a way to do this on Android, FWIW. On EN for Android go to your account overview window > settings > notebooks, then there's an option for offline notebooks. When you click that an option appears that says "make all notebooks offline". After selecting that option a counter appears that shows how many notebooks one has.
  24. The previous posts in this thread were in August and September 2016. It is now 1 month away from 2018. I have also just encountered this issue. Surprised no responses at all yet.
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