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  1. I just tested against 10.10.5 for Mac and the same problem still exists. It's great that there's an awareness of when the sync algorithm gets overrun by data (good troubleshooting from @Jeff Bass. I keep hoping that Evernote corrects the issues in v10+ and also at least reaches feature/performance parity with the Legacy version. Until the basics are fixed, it's hard to recommend Evernote as the right tool for managing notes.
  2. In the following version, there is still no way to temporarily decrypt > edit text > reencrypt 10.6.9-mac-mas-public (458440) Editor: v116.1.14913 Service: v1.26.7 There is a new capability to "Reveal" (i.e. view), as well as "Decrypt." However, the desired functionality is to be able to temporarily Unencrypt the note, update the text, then have the entire note re-encrypt. This is the functionality flow on the Evernote Legacy version, and I suggest should be the goal state for the Evernote 10.x versions.
  3. Not sure. I guess...as a workaround...it could be possible to encrypt all of the text on a single note. That's not as elegant as the ability to simply encrypt a note (at the note level, instead of the content/text level). Others have suggested using the "Saferoom" product, but i'm not really interested right now in bringing in more integrated products with Evernote.
  4. I'd like to be able to encrypt an entire note, as well as maintain the current capability to encrypt specific text within a note. In the way I'd like to use Evernote, I want to create a secure note into which I'll add related content. I'd like that entire note to be encrypted.
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