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  1. If i'm not mistaken, tags are sorted by alphabetical order multiple tags are as well sorted alphabeticaly Inside a note
  2. I already have my most used tags in shortcuts, some project based tags i d'ont see the need to add them to shortcuts, as it clutters the shortcut list to much. I find the current system very usable, i just think there's always room for improvement.
  3. The new Tag selection is a welcome improvement. It works very well, but one should be able to at least rearrange the order freely in the tag selection screen. I have some master tags and some sub tags. Now if I want to select a master Tag, lets say "videowall" it sits on the very bottom and i have to scroll past all my tags including secondary ones. this brings up my second problem, tag sort order. Inside the Master "Videowall" tag i may have offers manuals brochures i'd like to see grouped together. I can do this sort of by selecting a secondary tag, maybe for "manuals" but if i want to select an offer next, i have to perform a new search. Renaming notes would work, but it seems a bit redundant as we have the tags to differentiate note types. And it works perfectly on the desktop version.
  4. Reverse sort order is sadly missed. Also sort by tag should be available.
  5. For me the Login Prompt is gone. After reinstall saved searches are back. I didn't have a crash on any version. Saved Searches do not appear on Shortcuts though (i can live with that, i only learned about this in this thread.) What I'm still missing is a way to reverse the sorting order. and sort by tags maybe...
  6. I have 2 Notebooks. One for Offline access and one with everything else. All is Organised by Tags.I feel Tags are a bit slow to navigate in the new version What I'm missing are the saved Searches, i saved searches with multiple tags i regularly use. Sort by tag should be possible, and a possibility to inverse the sort order Reminders on the other hand work much better in the new version, I love the Badge on the Icon
  7. in App Handwriting is a fantastic addition! The Text recognition works great. Perfect for quick handwritten Notes or Sketches. Heres a small list of features from other apps I'd love to see in future versions(in order of importance) Palm Rejection with Bluetooth Styluses (Noteshelf) Palm Rejection Palm Rejection Ruler (iOS Notes) Automatic Shapes(Paper) Custom Paper(Noteshelf) Thanks
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