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  1. Don't you think quoting a price then nearly doubling that number when you click through to pay is a bit of a sketchy practice? If you went to buy a phone and the price tag was USD$300 then you went to check out and were charged $500...and they were going to bill you in French francs meaning you'd have to pay currency conversation costs as well, would you really simply shrug your shoulders? If you mean "why doesn't support help with this issue", that's what we're discussing here.
  2. I did put in another ticket item for this a few months after my previous response and received the same response from Evernote about being "excited" to be able to change currencies mid-subscription, which, again, is not what I was trying to do. The cost in Taiwan is nearer to that of the price in the US and my differential was based on a huge discount offered to be in one currency but not another. Honestly, I used to think that Evernote was one of the best subscriptions I had and haven't been precisely been able to replicate it but let the subscription end out of principle. In the meantime, it has been blocked on every computer that I use for work out of some kind of security concerns so the decision was a good one and I wouldn't have been using it that much anyway. I do continue to hope that somebody buys the company and gets things in order.
  3. I finally received a response. They said that: I wasn't trying to change currencies mid-subscription or trying to change currencies in any manner. However, they did send me a link that led me to the correct currency....at a higher price. If I go in through my desktop app, I continue to receive a better offer...but using the wrong currency. Frustrating though I suppose that I will simply wait things out for a few months and hope that they get things back in order.
  4. Did anybody receive a response from the ticket they submitted? When I try to renew, it comes up in Taiwan Dollars for $67.50 per month (about USD$2) following a 40% off coupon that is automatically applied. However, when I try to renew in my account, it wants to bill for USD$7.99 per month. I submitted a ticket last week but didn't hear anything and my Premium subscription of eight years expired.
  5. It's working fine for me now and has been for the past few weeks. Of course, now clipper for Gmail is broken. Perhaps try to see if there's an update for either? Simple advice but I didn't do anything to have mine operational again.
  6. This is the main thing for me as the changes I've seen in recent years have been the ability to add tables (good), the introduction of ads into my paid account (bad), the removal of presentation mode (really bad), and breaking the web clipper (really, really bad). If they let you know what was coming, even in the bad, I could deal with it but with every update you have no idea what you are going to lose. I am keeping it for now but no longer renewing annually like I did for so many years and instead simply doing 1-3 months at a time because I have no idea what the service is going to look like beyond that.
  7. I hate it as well but it's on iOS, I believe. It doesn't happen on Windows versions (and I don't remember it happening on my Mac).
  8. I'm bundling these questions together. I have a button in my Evernote Web Clipper that used to save emails into Evernote. It worked fantastically though since the newest Gmail update is gone. However, now I receive a message that the email is 'undefined'. I contacted Evernote and they said they were "doing a complete rebuild". I responded that it's only in Gmail and they said to check my settings as they haven't been receiving other complaints about it. Am I the only person who has lost this feature in the new Gmail? Related, you used to be able to right click on a phone and save that directly into Evernote. This was really, really useful. However, now I can clip the entire page, clip a bookmark or clip a screenshot. Evernote said they were "doing a complete rebuild" and the functionality has been removed but they would "reach out and let me know" if it was returned. If I want to clip an image, I can do so to Google Keep and Google Drive or save it to my hard drive then upload. Is there some other trick to quickly saving images into EN without needing to save into another service first?
  9. I was joking about the ads working splendidly as they are annoying, especially so for those of us who pay for the service. They did respond to me on Twitter and said missing features will be restored in "subsequent updates" so it doesn't sound like this I've used Evernote forever and individual customers haven't appeared to be a priority for ~three years as that's when they started scaling back features and dropped customer support. Either they are getting arrogant and figure if Apple doesn't need to offer customer support, they don't either or they are eying companies like Dropbox and Pinterest who are going to IPO for more money than any of us imagine and getting ready by cutting internal costs to look better for investors. The good part of this is they are a subscription service so customers can walk away if they don't get things in order. The bad news is that I don't know if a good replacement (though wouldn't be surprised if something comes out in future months).
  10. They are 'sort of' responding on Twitter saying they are "aware of" the issue, which was what they said when Presentation Mode was removed in January...of 2017. We need to focus on the positive. Their promos asking people to upgrade from Premium to Business appear to work splendidly.
  11. I surfed in from trying to search for a solution to the problem on my iPhone but have never encountered the problem on either my PC or my Mac. It certainly would appear to be an auto-detect from Apple though I've never had this happen on another other similar app.
  12. No help is coming for this. The solution, as you mentioned is not to ever open any note that includes numbers on your phone, making Evernote something less than useful. You used to be able to view notes in presentation mode that would usually remove links but they took that feature out a year or so back.
  13. Regarding Evernote not coming in to explain why the feature was removed - they actually sent me here. I filed a user report and they responded with a request to report it here and included a link.
  14. I did though later found the earlier versions of my notes in Notes History. Support said they were trying to find a solution to the problem.
  15. I found out that Presentation Mode had vanished while in a meeting, during which it was decided "let's not use Evernote for this kind of thing anymore". Presentation Mode wasn't the only reason I used Premium but it was one of three and it would be appreciated if it could be brought back.
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