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  1. Yeah, like in Asana, Trello and Notion. In those tools, you can select a vertical view or a horizontal view for your tasks/projects. This offers the possibility the have a Kanban set up like To do / Doing / Done Would be very useful!
  2. I think the solution would be to give us the possibility to customize the "due date" buttons... That would be the best way to configure GTD in Evernote. "Today = rename Now", "Tomorrow = rename Next", etc...
  3. Good idea! It would be useful for me too!
  4. Hi, i tried to use the new Tasks menu. It's a great feature and I was waiting it for a very long time. Good job for finally developing it! It opens a lot of possibility now for tasks and project management! But there are still missing a few features that would be very essential to my workflow and that would make it a solid task and project management tool that could compete with Asana, Todoist, etc. Here it is: - Add the possibility to write a description in each task. Every task management app offers the possibility to write a task description to a specific task. Very useful when we need to write complementary info, details, phone number and so much more. Just having the possibility to write a task title is not enough... - Add to possibility to create a sub-task within the task. Very useful when we have to deal with a huge task that needs to be cut out in short bits. Example: Call all my customers for follow up Call bob Call Jim Call Suzy Call Robert Because we don't have the subtask functionality right now, I would need to create 4 different tasks. But in some case this is very essential to regroup tasks within a tasks. - Give us the possibility to create customized due date. As of now we have "Today", "Tomorrow", "Next monday", "Next week". For my workflow, I would need to create customized due dates such as "3 months", 6 months", "10 days", etc. So you could add a button "Create a customized due date button". - Add the possibility to assign a specific task to another Evernote user. In the context of team work, it would be huge for project management!! I could create a Task Notes with the name of my project (ex: Create new website). Than, I could write all the tasks that needs to be done within that project. And I could also assign certain tasks of the project to my team members with who I shared the projet notes. If you add theses features, it would be a top tool that could easily remplace Asana, Todoist... Thanks for considering it!
  5. Same thing here for me. The new Evernote for Windows is incredibly SLOW. It's making me crazy... What I was doing in 2 secondes takes me 10 seconds to do. All menus and notes are so long to open. I hope they will fix this quickly!
  6. Agree! I unfortunately consider this update as a down size from the older version. The Windows Desktop App has less functionalities and is SO slow!!
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