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  1. I think this completely misses the point. The problem is that Evernote Mac's UX is terribly designed. You can't drag and drop notebooks/tags without diving into another screen. You can't click on a tag and simply search within it. You can delete a notebook (rarely performed action) from the context menu, yet you can't rename it or move it (common actions). And the list goes on... For comparison, try Notion.so and you will see how well designed software functions. If Evernote doesn't start improving the user experience, they are going to lose out long term. Edit: certain things are ve
  2. Wow, I'm surprised that people here find having another screen to click into for viewing notebooks useful whatsoever. Everything is in the left menu already. My complaint is the fact that you can't edit/organize the notebooks in the left menu instead of having to click into a redundant screen.
  3. Agreed, in so much as I cannot readily think of a better system. Just the same as, although Evernote is not a perfect app (and I find myself constantly frustrated by various UX issues), it is still the best overall note taking app.
  4. Yeah, I get that. Donald Trump is proof that voting systems don't always work. From a UX standpoint, this just seems like such a low effort, high impact feature (one that rolled out to Evernote Windows years ago).
  5. Evernote Mac team, WHY has this option not made its way to Mac yet? Let's compare performing a search on a tag in Bear (could just as easily be OneNote) to Evernote: Find something within a tag in Bear: Click tag and realize list is very long. Enter search phrase to filter results. Filtered results within tag are displayed. Find something within a tag in Evernote: Click tag and realize list is very long. Attempt to search within the tag (fail, there is no immediate option). Manually key tag into search box (slow and redundant). Select tag
  6. Yes please provide a separate setting to disable recent notes! I'm sure there are people that love it, but for many people it's just taking up space, creating a distraction or compromising their privacy. For me personally, it just drives me nuts. I want to put things in their place, not have things jumping around. It takes more time and mental energy to scan a recent list in hopes of finding the note I was recently viewing then to just go to where I know where to find it.
  7. I still cannot believe there is no quick way to search within the current context, or tag. Notebooks are extremely limited, forcing people to use tags for organization...but Evernote Mac doesn't provide a way to search within tags without extremely tedious extra steps. I've made the switch back to OneNote for the time being and am finding it a huge relief to be able to just click into a section and search within.
  8. Thank you Evernote team for the Google Drive integration! It would be ideal if the view matched the nested folder structure of Google Drive, and if there was a way to enable a preview of docs/sheets when attached to a note, but otherwise it is perfect!
  9. Yes, the system color picker on Mac is a torturous tool to deal with. It would be amazing if we could use a simplified color picker.
  10. So no one else desires the ability to search within a tag (by clicking a tag and searching)? It seems like such a basic function to be able to search within the current context/view. Edit: I just discovered that cmd clicking on a tag will filter the search results by the tag. Great feature! (It would still be ideal if you could turn on a "search current context" option that allowed you to search directly within the visible notes - but this achieves the same result.)
  11. I just want to add that I quite like the way Evernote displays images in the card and snippet views. The algorithm works fairly well. However, if a user could drag an image from a note onto the card/snippet to update the thumbnail, that would be amazing!
  12. Hi Annah, Thanks for looking into the issue. I just tested a bit further - it seems this is just a performance issue, not a bug as I first thought. Certainly something I can live with. Scenario 1: Renaming a single tag with only 50 or so notes The notes displayed when clicking the tag appear almost immediately (they pop up one by one within seconds). Scenario 2: renaming multiple tags with several hundred notes between them Some tags will update immediately and show notes when clicking them. Certain tags may show 0 notes for several minutes. My Syste
  13. Annah, Okay, it turns out I was wrong with my original assumption. The cause of the problem was that I had renamed the tags. I've submitted a separate post with correct details: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/91487-bug-notes-do-not-show-up-after-renaming-tag/ Thanks for you help.
  14. DESCRIPTION: For a period of several minutes after renaming a tag, none of the notes associated with the tag appear when clicking the tag. REPRO STEPS: Add several notes to a tag. Rename the tag. Click on the newly renamed tag. Unexpected result: no notes appear. Expected result: all notes associated with the tag appear. Note: I expected this is some sort of search indexing issue. It is not a major problem but I just wanted to bring it to everyone's attention. I had been renaming tags on the fly to achieve custom sorting and it's a pain to wait several
  15. Hi annah, It appears to be an intermittent issue (it is updating instantly at the moment). The problem was that the notes would not show up when clicking on the tag (even though the notes had just been added to the tag). I will try to find the specific scenario that caused the problem and add more details.
  16. BUG: When adding an existing note to a tag and then clicking the tag, the note does not show up for about 5-10 minutes (incredibly inconvenient). Note: this also happens sometimes when moving a note from one notebook to another. This behaviour does not appear to be related to the web sync.
  17. I completely agree. The tags are right there in the sidebar. Why would I want to click into another screen, find the tag I'm already looking at in order to interact with it???? Evernote Mac team, please, please, please enhance the tags in the left menu to have the functionality that exists on Evernote Windows.
  18. Thanks for the reply gazumped. I am on 6.2 and just left a comment in the release thread.
  19. This is incredibly annoying - it's these bugs with basic functionality that have caused me to migrate away from Evernote twice in the past. It's by far the greatest tool in so many ways... but you can only use it so long before you ultimately go insane from the bugs. What good is putting a list in a particular sequence if the order just going to jump around at random?
  20. When manually specifying the order of reminders in a notebook, reminders often slot into the wrong position (1-2 slots above/below where you dragged the reminder). I hard prioritize my reminders like an Agile backlog and it is incredibly annoying when I have to fight with a reminder endlessly just to get it to stay in the correct order. STEPS TO REPRODUCE 1. In a notebook, create several notes with reminders. 2. In the reminder settings, disable "Sort Reminders by Date" 3. Create a new reminders using "Add reminder to..." at the top of the reminder list. 4. Slot the reminder into a specifi
  21. On Evernote Windows, there is a simple "Search Current Context" setting that you can toggle and leave on. This allows you to click a notebook or tag, or combination (I do believe), and simply start typing into the search box to search within the currently visible notes. Please, please, please include this feature on Mac! As a user, I expect to be able to filter within the currently visible notes without the need to create an advanced search query/selection - I've already gone to the trouble of drilling into a notebook/tag. A simple toggle setting (like in Windows Evernote) keeps everyone hap
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