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  1. I totally agree with this. Just did some testing and the lag to update can be on the order of minutes in my testing. This means if you make a change on a device and need to leave it behind you have to wait for some undetermined length of time before its safe to leave. This sucks. Manual sync allowed that problem to be solved - click sync see it finished and be confident in closing the device.
  2. I am an evernote premium user using evenote desktop on Windows 10 and update regularly. Now on (306387) Public (CE Build ce-1.36.3494) I use Snagit to get screen captures and save into Evernote. This works fine at point of cursor insertion. But if I cut and paste, or drag, note content containing images between notes then most (not all) of the images disappear most (not all) of the time. THIS IS TERRIBLE! Like others I am now looking for something else to use.
  3. I have been a long time premium user of Evernote Desktop on MacOS. Copy from Evernote and paste into Word and Outlook worked pretty well there. I had no major problems and I almost always use the default text font and size. Recently I have moved back to Windows 10 at work (don't ask) and now I see that the same copy/paste operations result in unbelievably horrible formatting in Word or Outlook (even for documents authored in Evernote desktop on Windows). Its so bad it appears to be almost random - a typical 1 page note copied into Word/Outlook might suddenly have 30 font type and size changes that were never shown when I was in Evernote. WTF!!!! I loved evernote on Mac but on Windows it is so bad that I am considering abandoning the product. I can provide examples if that helps.
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