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  1. Hello Evernote pals! First post here. Pretty happy Premium user. Experiencing a few issues with Web Clipper. In roughly descending order of importance (to me of course :-) ) tl;dr: In 2017, I need <1s clip speed, near-perfect page parsing (preferably using the *already locally parsed and downloaded content*), and no changes in scroll position of the page should *ever* happen when I click the Clip button. 1. Speed. Clipper needs to be fast and it just isn't. RIght now Pinboard and Pocket are absolutely blowing it out of the water on Firefox on a reasonably quick 2014 rMBP
  2. @gazumped thanks -- simplified mode helps! Also, having Evernote "re-clip" from within the app seems to work the rest of the time.
  3. I have also experienced this behavior - every post on Medium I try to clip gets cut off after the first couple of paragraphs. (Using Clipper on Firefox.)
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