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  1. I see. That's not generally intuitive from the words they use in-app. Thanks for the info.
  2. Hi all, I'm using the latest Evernote app on my Samsung device. I created a note yesterday with a 20MB attachment and the monthly usage remaining went down from about 40MB to 20MB remaining. I immediately deleted the note and emptied the trash too. Still, the monthly usage showed only 20MB upload remaining. I later tried deleting other notes and removing big attachments totally from EN, for testing, and the usage did not get updated. I'm now barely having 5MB remaining and the monthly limit will reset after 22 days. This has to be a technical fault, and if not, a terrible idea implementation. I would like to know how it has been for others. Thank you!
  3. I tried adding EN to the list of 'Unmonitored Apps' under Device Maintenance and it didn't help. Rather, disabling Battery Optimization for EN seems to help prevent this issue. Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Battery Usage > Menu > Optimize Battery Usage > Menu > All Apps > uncheck EN. The other discussion:
  4. Hi, I own the Galaxy S8 and have been experiencing this issue too. Have used only Oreo so I cannot comment if it's an Android version issue. I've locked Evernote in the Recent Apps Screen to prevent it from getting cleared from the RAM during a manual trigger. Yet, usually after a manual RAM cleanup, the widget only supports scrolling and button clicks. Opening notes does not work. I think it's related to RAM management. One needs to open the EN app and close it back to be able to fully use the widget again. I'll try putting the app to the 'Unmonitored Apps' list in the 'Device Maintenance' module in settings and check... though this is not an ideal solution. The issue needs to be addressed since its not normal for EN. It will be good to hear from non-Samsung users, especially the Oreo users.
  5. I had already gotten you I thought I should draw a line between these two so that viewers don't equate them.
  6. Other issues aside, this link concerns the very typing issue to only Samsung users, that's not true. Just consider my example, it's definitely not just Samsung, it's Xiaomi too, and the Google Keyboard does no good in solving the problem. I hope other problems I mentioned (and commonly observed) are also being worked upon and will be available unlike current monthly updates bringing null relief.
  7. If what I understood is correct, the editor we've in the stable version is the stock Android editor that is about to be replaced by their own one. That's nice! Still, points 2,4 and 9 are real mess for normal as well as power use. I've seen some users posting issues similar to points 2 & 4 somewhere in the forum, solution to which hasn't been unearthed yet. Parsh
  8. Hello! I have posted these issues earlier in the 'Feedback' section but there were no responses. I observed that the 'Help' section has healthy discussions. Hence, I've posted this here as well Would love to get suggestions! Parsh
  9. Greetings from an Evernote 7.9.3 Android user! Keyboard: Google Keyboard / Fleksy Keyboard, Current Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Android 5.1), ex Evernote-device: Samsung Note 3 neo A humble request to EN team go through issues (verified on both of my devices) and do the needful : *** While using Backspace on words in middle of the line, newly added checkbox (in the case when checkbox is auto-added due to newline) gets deleted. *** Backspacing sometimes deletes words randomly on the same line, and appends junk text (eg. Line 1 has 5 words. I attempt to erase word 5 and word 4 gets deleted, and/or some extra characters get appended after deleting the word) (demoed in video I've shared) ---- EDIT: Point 1 & 2 got some problem with the auto-correct feature of the keyboards. Scroll LAG even on High-end devices (Snapdragon 650, 3GB RAM); this happens in case of multiple 1 or 1.5MB+ sized images in that note. Copy-paste of text from a web-article retains Font size and color of the source text . In this case, newlines get randomly inserted between lines in that note (please refer to screenshot, the empty lines were added automatically every timed I edited the note) (demo-ed in video I've shared). *** Cursor, then itself freezes at times you try to edit this newly copied internet text. ----- EDIT: These notes then take forever to open #'Opening note'. Sometimes it takes 2 attempts to check a checkbox. slow to load long (offline) image notes. Clipping of Full web page is slow & fails sometimes (doesn't even notify if it's not clipped since a long time). If some big note doesn't get sync'd due to network failure, it mostly won't get sync'd even on good net connection later. (occasional). Web-Clipping is still awful. Eg: webpage components overlap, some junk text is only what gets clipped, zoomed text gets saved that ain't scroll-able/resizable. Widget, doesn't show all of the shortcuts on the 1st time after it reloads. It needs a re-scroll to load all (I have 20+ shortcuts). Video links for demo of bugs from point 1,2 and 4 (from my google-drive):- Video 1(link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3kDYn-4wtG9d3oyV2NfbzNNTkU/view?usp=sharing), you can see < 1>how text gets randomly deleted on the same line as the cursor <2>Checkbox gets deleted even though the cursor is away <3>Text of two different checkboxes mix etc. Video 2(link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3kDYn-4wtG9Q2psOU1NaTZ1RjQ/view?usp=sharing), you can see newline inserted without intent ! SUGGESTIONS: Please enable note-sharing externally (it hurts). UX. Badly needed! It takes almost 2X efforts, as compared to traditional apps, for making any note-changes. Improve clipping. Note-editor screen is too cluttered for small-screen phones. Let Handwriting and text be mixed in order of their addition, instead of all Handwriting pages being forced together. A 'save' option on the 'Discard changes' dialog or a quicker way to save and exit the edit mode, since the top-left and top-right Save Buttons aren't easily accessible on phablets, using one hand. Thanks, The curious EN Fan
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