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  1. Hey, I did a simple test to quantify the problem. I used text notes only since that's all I have used so far. 1) A note made in the web app produced one extra blank row between rows of text in both desktop and mobile apps. Bullet point lists were not affected. There was also something weird with the mobile app - 2 extra rows were visible in preview mode, but only one in edit mode. 2) A note made in the mobile app produced no extra lines whatsoever in neither web or desktop app. However, extra lines appeared back in the mobile version after the note had been opened in the other apps. 3) A note made in the desktop app produced no extra rows whatsoever in the other apps. Problems that I have encountered before but didn't see now: - Bullet point lists with extra spaces - All sub-bullets within a note changed into 1-level bullets - Hardships in formatting notes created in other apps - seems sometimes notes opened in different apps look similar on the outside, but trying to format them produces unexpected results (eg. previous bullet points jump as if pressing tab when trying to add a new 1 level bullet)
  2. I use Evernote Web, Evernote Windows 8 on my personal laptop and Evernote mobile on my WP 8.1. For some reason syncing between all or some of these platforms creates a gazillion blank rows appear in all imaginable places in my notes - usually one extra blank row after any row of text, sometimes it's 3 extra rows between bullet point lists. Does anyone else get this?
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